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COMPETITION: sum up The Wine Society in 20 words or under!



Hi everyone!

I’m not sure if you’ve seen, but it’s currently #coopfortnight - an event being celebrated across social media by co-ops around the UK.

We’ve been getting involved too and I thought we’d have a bit of fun to celebrate all the positives to being a co-op - and what better way to do that than to involve you guys, our co-operative members! :smile:

So it’s competition time - we’d like you guys to sum up what you think The Wine Society is all about in 20 words or under.

What’s the prize?

Three entries will be picked - judged on their writing skill and creativity - and each will win a bottle of The Society’s Champagne Brut.

We chose this because we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate being a co-op than by sharing a much-loved wine made by the brilliant Champagne Alfred Gratien, who we’ve been fortunate enough to work with for over 100 years! Another bonus to being a co-operative since 1874. :slightly_smiling_face:

How to Enter

Simply comment below telling us what you think The Wine Society is all about - using 20 words or under for your entry. :blush:

You can also enter on social media (commenting on our competition Facebook post or tweeting/Instagramming using the hashtag #mywinesocietyis ) or via email at societynews@thewinesociety.com

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


The competition closes at Midnight on Wednesday 31st July, 2019.

:point_down::point_down:Looking forward to seeing your entries below! :point_down::point_down:


You may want to tweak the title… or the post regarding the number of words. #pedantnotabully


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Hi guys!
Just thought I’d update this - we’ve had some really lovely social media entries, but I’d have thought this would be right up your street! You’ve still got a couple of weeks to enter, so I hope we’ll see a few entries before then. :wink:


OK, I’ll get the ball rolling.

“Loyal growers and drinkers, and knowledgeable buyers. Great service from The Society - the king of wine suppliers!”


My Wine Society experience in haiku:

Range, value, service!
But my biggest wine mistake:
Should have joined sooner


Do the math: growers with talent + buyers with freedom + customers who are stakeholders = wines drunk in pleasure


Sharing love of wine, excitement of exploration and joy of discovery! There is such a thing as a (Wine) Society!


Terrific Help,
Exploring Wine,
Involving Nuanced Explanations,
Selling Oenological Complexity,
Indecently Easily,
To You.


Chosen by experts; enjoyed by us; united by love for wine.


For an easily affordable membership fee, TWS hunts value, serving it up with classy service but no profit or salesmanship


Fantastic selection, fantastic value at every price point. Wonderful people, wonderful values. Always innovating. No rational reason not to join.


My two pennies worth…

“A wine co-operative? It exists with mutuality at its core. Old favourites and new discoveries delivered. Great service throughout.”


Wine, value, quality, service, trust.

Did it in 5 :grin:


Knowledge, Service, Vinous Products


This is how the Wine Society constantly undermines my willpower (in a good way) with its enticing range of wines:

Don’t need more wine, got plenty
Latest TWS offer arrives
Hmm, that looks nice
Case to Reserves :grinning:


How I explain it to my friends:

“Whatever you want to spend, the best bottle you will get for your money, provided by people that care.”



Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

We’ve had SUCH lovely replies to this so far! :heart_eyes:
You’ve got a week left to enter the competition if you’d still like to! :smiley: