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Compensation for lack of access to members' reserves

Yesterday, Liz Cerroti, Director of Sales & Experience, sent out an email apologising for the lack of access to Member’s Reserves due to Covid-19 and the need to protect TWS staff. Liz suggested that once we return to anything like Business-as-Usual, TWS would compensate Members who hold wine Reserves with a retrospective credit.
If the lack of access to Member’s Reserves was the fault of TWS operations then I would agree that some form of compensation would be due. However, Covid-19 is totally outwith the control of TWS and I think that all members who have Reserves should let TWS know that any form of compensation is unnecessary. This is a Mutual Society and we should all have the interests of the Society at heart. I would not want access to my Reserves at the expense of the health of TWS staff who would pick and despatch the wines.
I don’t know how all members with Reserves who agree with my thoughts would contact TWS as I don’t want them to be swamped by email traffic. Perhaps TWS can make a suggestion?


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