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Comparing notes with far away friends


As some may know I am English but live in Ireland. I have some old friends in England that I don’t get to see very often, and I miss being able to chat about wine with them (among other things).

So I had an idea as to how we could easily share the same wines: myself and a friend (who is also a TWS member) bought a mixed case each - six pairs - with a set budget of £15 per bottle. When we next met we simply swapped six bottles over, and then we had a dozen individual bottles which was half my selection, half his.

A third mutual friend wants to be involved next time, so perhaps it will be two cases with three bottles of eight different wines…


Very interesting approach.

You could try sharing a thread (private if you want) with a list of wines, and when you have agreed on the list, then each buy the case of wines. Having it here allows you to share easily, and using the wiki function means you can each update the list and not have to go through dozens of emails or comments to work out the final list.

I’ve been trying to think of clever ways to manage such a thing myself, and this seems like a sensible first step

I did something similar for my thread for suggestions.