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Community viewing issue anyone?

Is anybody experiencing issues viewing the longer threads on this Community site?

I access via two iOS devices (an elderly iPad and , rarely, an even older iPhone) and both are experiencing issues downloading the longer threads in the last 24 hours. No previous problems. When accessing via my Windows laptop I am not experiencing any issues.

Hi @GWills Sorry to hear you’re having issues viewing longer threads on the Community, it’s odd indeed. In which threads in particular is this happening? I can ask our web team if they’ve ever came across this problem before and if there’s anything we can do from our end?

Yes I was getting the same over last weekend. The weekend drinking thread was hanging on a blank page

This happened at the weekend on my laptop too .

Still happening on iPad today on Rhône 2020 thread

I blame Brexit!!!


Thank you for looking at this.

Seems to be impacting most threads for me now. First noticed is on the longer threads notably on The Rhone 2020 EP, Weekend Drinking [28 to 30 Jan 2022], What is in your basket [January and February 2022] and the Taffy-on-Tour threads.

When scrolling down the impacted threads, I just start seeing blank pages. The “counter” on the right hand side does not change. e.g. on the Rhone EP thread, it remains stuck at 409/428

Have tried Safari and Chrome browsers with the same results. Have cleared cookies, browsing history etc. with no improvement.

Somewhat frustrating!

I blame Thatcher!

And the sixties!


Well of course the blame lies with everybody else but I accept full responsibility!


I’ve had no problems with this recently, but wasn’t this how the problem with the original Rhone Rangers thread started?

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After reading a thread, the headers (latest, unead etc. disappear) and I have to refresh the page to get back to be able to access another topic

I blame the Russians. Disrupting TWS community thread, will bring down Western democracy.


Have you tried unplugging it, then turning it back on?


I wonder… I might be completely barking up the wrong tree (not for the first time!), but it seems to me that there was very recently some sort of Discourse update…? For example, the irritating green dot that shows when someone is online have moved from the front of the profile image to the back.

Might an update have something to do with the way some threads are now displaying for some people?

As I say, wrong trees and barking come naturally to me… :slight_smile:


Green dot, what’s that secret you’re keeping?

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I’d noticed the update too - messages have been redesigned a bit, and the red line on last read post

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Can’t handle Shaky midweek!! :stuck_out_tongue:


@GWills Interesting that it’s happening to more people, I’ll speak with our web team now, hopefully they’ll have an idea on what could be causing this :thinking:

@Inbar yes I noticed too, Discourse looks a bit different to me since yesterday. It could indeed be related to the way some threads are now displaying. When FB/ IG are updating their interfaces, it happens all the time that some functionalities don’t work well during that period of time. Nothing like mid-week surprise platform updates to bring us some joy :joy:


Can anyone please let me know if you’re still experiencing issue viewing the threads, as per @GWills original comment? Thank you :blush:

Still having issues and now pretty much across all threads. My iPad is now just about unusable for viewing the Community discussions.

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