Community upgrade: TOMORROW

Hi everyone,

In light of the recent connection issues, we’re doing a server upgrade tomorrow at around 8.30am - it should last 30-60 minutes.

I don’t know yet if this will mean the Community will be unavailable during the upgrade but you should probably be prepared for some disruption - I’m really sorry about that, and we’ll get this over with as quickly as possible!

This upgrade should mean the Community is faster and more able to cope during our big virtual tastings so it’ll be for our benefit in the long-run. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,



Thank you for scheduling it while I’ll be on a call anyway!

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Oh, good. I’ll still be fast asleep :sleeping: :sleeping:

PS- I’m on leave! I’m not usually lazy…


Are these kinds of messages part of the upgrade @laura? I’ve not seen them before.

With two generations of English teachers on my maternal side I hate the increasing use of “their” to replace his or her. I know it’s part of the general PC trend but I find it so grating!
What about “… since we’ve seen X whose last post was 2 years ago”?


Or just replace ‘- their’ with ‘, whose’. Simples!

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I agree with the correction to the grammar, but do we need these editorial comments at all? If a post interests me, I’ll read it, and it really doesn’t matter if the poster’s last comment was 2 hours or 2 years ago. It might even discourage some people who only post occasionally, and who might not want to be signalled out.


As far as I can see, the community software doesn’t hold your gender so it has no way of working out which pronoun to use.

I’m not sure if it would be reasonable to ask, either.

Although the intention behind it is, no doubt, a good one - I agree with you. It feels like a giant finger is pointing from above at the poor poster. As it’s unlikely to be used for regular posters, but rather for new or very infrequent ones, this does feel like a bit of an unnecessary singling out. It’s also a bit patronising in my opinion.

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But what is the intention?

Welcoming new members in a bit more of an obvious way, is my guess. Not sure about the point of flagging people up when they haven’t posted for a while. It feels a bit like ‘name and shame’, even if the idea is to make them feel welcome again.

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I have just seen another similar editorial comment. It does seem rather Big Brother, or Big Sister, or Big Sibling, is watching you. I can’t see any benefit at all.

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Yes that aspect of it concerned me. Otherwise it’s sort of a ‘do I really care if they (!!!) haven’t posted for a long time’ issue.


Hi guys,
This is something that’s popped up as a result of the systems upgrade - I expect its defaulted to adding some of the newer features. It wasn’t our choice! Let me have a look at the settings to see what we can do about it. :slight_smile:


Why is it that so many ‘systems upgrades’ actually make things worse…? There seems to be a view that more must be better. Less is better more often than not. I really don’t care if someone posts twice a day or twice a year.


I agree! I also think it unnecessarily breaks up the conversation.

I can’t find an immediate ‘switch’ to turn this off in our settings so let me contact the guys who ran the upgrade and get them to help. This means we might be stuck with these messages for a few more days, I’m afraid - but hopefully we can fix it soon.

The cynic/paranoid in me also can’t help noticing that with every upgrade there seems to be less and less privacy. First it was our little avatars popping up whenever we’re on line, now a little patronising remark regarding our frequency of posting… Too much data, and nowhere to hide!


If it helps, you can switch this off - if you go to your profile Preferences and click ‘Interface’ there’s a box you can tick which says ‘Hide my Public Profile and Presence Features’ which should stop your profile from appearing in the ‘Who’s Online’ section and also should remove the green ‘online’ dot from your profile pic on posts? Let me know if that doesn’t work. :slight_smile:


I’m not completely sure about this but the tab with the community page on it in my browser used to display a number when there was new stuff, but I’m not sure it’s doing that now.

Thanks, Laura! I had no idea… :smiley: :+1: