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Community Tasting Events Schedule for 2018

Those who’ve been around for a while will know that we run regular online tastings, called TWS Taste.

The idea of these tastings is that we taste arrange a time to taste a pair of wines together, and share our thoughts and impressions via the community threads, just as we would if we were sitting around a table in a private room together.

On the night, we share some background information on the wines, and will occasionally invite the buyers or producers to join us, but we always have a great time tasting and comparing notes, including our food matches.


Each month we select a couple of wines that are easily available, generally available in a mixed case offer or single bottles you can add to your own mixed orders, so any Society member can join in.

There is no ticket to buy, no venue to get to and no dress code. Just make sure you get hold of the bottles in advance and log in to take part.

Below you will find a list of proposed dates for the upcoming tastings, including ideas for themes for each event, and if there is an introductory thread - a link to the relevant conversation.
(note: these will change over time, so please keep an eye on announcements)

Making the most of The Wine Society online tastings

We hold these monthly events to have an excuse to share wines together and meet each other. The events are always fun, informal and hopefully useful to help you discover new wines and make new friends.
Here is some simple advice to explain the process.

Before each tasting:

  1. Join the TWS Taste group today to make sure you are the first to hear about upcoming events, wine selections and guests.
  2. Check the dates of the upcoming TWS Taste events, and put them in your diary with a reminder a week or two in advance (to remember to order the wines). Don’t miss the fun!
  3. Keep an eye out for the monthly threads and always add a bottle (or two) of the wines for each event to an upcoming order. Even if you can’t join in on the night, you can try the wines and catch up later.

On the night:

  1. Make sure you’ve had time to chill the white and settle the red (including decanting it if required)
  2. Log into the community and say hello! The thread will often be the most recent discussion, but you can search for it with the tag #twstaste
  3. The tasting takes about an hour – so bring glasses and snacks (or a meal) to enjoy with the wine … and consider having a camera handy to share pictures of your private tasting, your food matches or your tasting partners!
  4. Read and post along with us. One of us (usually the hugely experienced @ewan) will introduce each wine and give some background about the wine and its story. Occasionally we will also invite other guests to help out, including the buyers or the producers.
  5. Taste your wines and tell us, honestly, what you think. All comments are saved and linked to the wine for future reference. These are the best reviews of the bottles we could hope for, with the cumulative wisdom of many different members all tasting the same wine and sharing the experience.
  6. Take part in the polls to decide on your favourite wines of the night.
  7. Have fun! As well as enjoying the wines, this is a chance to get to know your fellow members

After the event, there will be a record of all the conversations, reviews, questions and answers and more about the wines. After a week or two, we will archive the separate conversations so that the record for each wine can be found more easily by members looking for advice in future.

Here are two examples:

How far in advance of the tasting can we expect the proposed wines to be named?

I’ve looked in before but it would often require a separate order as my Society deliveries are typically 3-4 weeks apart. My last order arrived a few days ago by way of example.

Personally the more notice the better. I could simply add the candidates to my regular order, or are my purchasing habits atypical?

They are on line already for the February one if you click the link in blue in Rob’s post.

Thanks Mark. That takes me to the latest Society offer in it’s entirety, I thought the tasting would be of two specific wines from within that offer?

I may, however, be being a little dense…

Not sure you are, as it’s a fair point unless Rob is planning some Bacchanalian online tasting fest :slight_smile:

His wording does say ideas for themes for each event and if there is an introductory thread a link to the conversation, which I think the link is meant to be, but as you say, it takes you to the full listing. Maybe Rob can shed light…

Sorry. There will be two wines (not wives, as my phone insisted I type) chosen from that case. I’m trying to get confirmation tomorrow.

Now we have the dates for the next tastings I will endeavour to give as much notice as possible on the wines for each event.

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Thanks for the replies gents, You’ve brought Clarety (hint hint :innocent:) to the arrangements. :+1:


I’ve added some further instructions and explanations to the original post above for anyone who has not taken part in one of the tastings before - let me know if you still have any questions … and if you will be joining us at one of the upcoming events

Sorry to say I shall be out of communication that week. I’m visiting my Mam who doesn’t have broadband, let alone Wi-fi and lives in a Cumbrian village with such a poor phone signal you have to stand in the middle of the road on one leg to get even the weakest signal :slightly_frowning_face:

Would love to join future tastings though in Australia when the April one is due. It didnt seem much notice for getting in the wines for the February tasting, unless of course you happen to have the wines in already in which case you are sitting pretty. I sense a cunning plan here - no one would buy just two bottles in the run up to a tasting so you end up filling the rest of the case with your ever growing wish list! :money_mouth_face:

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News coming soon of the exciting selection for the March event

… but I had another thought too. What if, in-between the WINE taste sessions, we had a different kind of tasting challenge? I’ve been inspired by recent threads such as @michaelmcnamara’s chilli and @danchaq’s ragu

What if we shared a monthly recipe and we all made it and arranged a session where we tasted some alternative matches to suggest our favourites? Would you be up for something like this?

I would also much prefer it if the recipe ideas came from you instead of from me (I’m not adventurous enough in my cooking, hence looking for ideas). Would you be up for it?


Great idea. I’ll have to join in with these later as I’ll miss March and April due to travels. Could possibly join in from Australia if in Wi-fi range - that would narrow down any wine matches I suggest to Oz or NZ effectively! We will just have got back from our travels for the April tasting on 26th. So won’t have had a chance to get the wines in. So looking forward to May🙂

Is it always a red and a white? As one keen to learn, would you consider comparative tastings eg two pinots or Chardonnays or an old and new world Bordeaux blend, or a mini vertical, for example?

I am thinking of coordinating something like this independently from the twstaste if there is interest. Will canvas in a separate topic.


it has been (AFAIK) and we tend to do that as it keeps things varied, but it will depend on what our theme is. I briefly considered doing something around the Petits Chateaux which would have been two reds, but we’ll probably do something else - will think about it though

sounds excellent.

Excellent idea :+1:

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Yes, I would grab a train KGX-Stevenage for this purpose: I second the motion !
KR, mlm


I’ve now added the dates of the remaining tastings for the rest of the year!
I’ve also tried to make things easier re: order planning by letting you know when the wines will be announced for each tasting, so you have a bit more notice about when you might need to place an order, even if we can’t tell you what the wines will be until a little closer to the time so we can be sure of stock levels. I hope this helps!

As you can see in the post above, we’ve got three great tastings left this year:

We’ll be announcing the wines for November AND December’s tastings together as they’re only two weeks apart (!) We’re having a fairly early December tasting so we don’t add too much extra strain to our Distribution team at their busiest time of year.

Hope this helps you all plan ahead and gets you in the mood for some great tastings! :smiley: :wine_glass:


Just registered. Living in West Wales wine tasting to be enjoyed without concern about travel etc is a BIG issue. Virtual tasting is the solution. Not sure about a week day night. Very interested in the Albarino and Fleurie tasting but might enjoy more on a Friday or Saturday evening. Will the virtual sessions always be mid week - suppose as it is virtual catching up at the weekend is ok. Thanks for the idea and looking forward to being part of the community

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Hi @_Ireland1067 & welcome to the community . If you would like more information on the virtual tastings just follow the #twstaste . It happens once per month, the next one being NEW #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Trade Secrets, 18th October
Hope you can make it :+1: