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Community staff over Christmas


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know our Community staff are taking some time off over Christmas. We’ll hopefully be able to check in occasionally, (especially to take part in our Christmas drinks chat! :smiley: ) but:

  • If you need an answer to a question relating to aspects of our products/services (we’ve answered things around VCP, website, products etc here in the past etc) we’ll be able to reply in early January - if you need help sooner, please feel free to contact Member Services (01438 741177 or memberservices@thewinesociety.com).

  • If you need help with something on this Community (e.g if you need to flag another user’s post as inappropriate) please be patient - I’ll try and check occasionally and take action as soon as I can, but I’m sure you’ll all be too full of Christmas cheer for this to be an issue anyway. :wink:

  • If you have any issues to do with your membership (a late delivery, an account issue etc), this is a friendly reminder that these should always be taken up with Member Services directly.

I’m leaving on Friday 20th December and I’ll be back on Thursday 2nd January - there’ll be some other members of staff (such as @martin_brown @Ewan and @MrLaura) around on some days, but normal service will resume properly on Thursday 2nd January.


Have a great Christmas and New Year Laura!
I’m sure we’ll survive for a couple weeks.


Thanks @laura,

Enjoy your break :christmas_tree:


That’s a despicable thing to say. I’ll be reporting you next week :wink:


Merry Christmas and a happy new decade for all our hard-working comrades at TWS HQ! :christmas_tree::wine_glass: :grin:


Thanks, everyone! And, in the words of the wonderful Margo from The Good Life, “yuletide felicitations” to you all too! :grinning::christmas_tree:


We could have a debate about this! I think we’re about to start the last year of this decade, not the first of the next one. But it’s Christmas and it doesn’t matter much anyway! :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re probably right! Zero always seems like a beginning - but nothing makes sense anymore :neutral_face:


Let’s hope it’s not Year Zero!!


Happy Christmas. I liked the graphic. I sat there for a bit waiting to see what it was loading. I have been watching a war film the longest day and i was wondering if it was a machine I think santa clause would prefer plastic bottles glass ones wouldnt survive going down a chimney.