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Community is not just online. Meeting face to face


This may be a digital age, and this may be The Society’s (online) Community, but that does not mean that we have forgotten the benefits of meeting face to face to get to know each other (and to taste wines!).

The community allows us to share ideas and stay in touch wherever we may be, but The Society still runs hundreds of tastings, meetings, dinners and training events each year and I would love to take advantage of these to meet you in person.

There are a few opportunities in the next couple of months that I’d love to add a ‘Community’ element to, so that we might bring virtual friends together in person, and I thought I would let you know about them.

Note: if you are planning on attending any of these, leave a comment below so other members can look out for you and maybe make plans to introduce themselves.

1. April 12th 2018 - La Dolce Vita (take 3)

I can’t make this particular upcoming dinner myself, sadly, but @Tim_S has mentioned that there is a chance for a group of members to take a table at this well-loved Italian wine & food event here in Stevenage. If you are a fan of Italian wines and you’ve missed out on the previous events (that were sell-outs), do make sure you come along to this.

2. Wednesday 23rd May - Wine Fair

There are 50 wines to try and the producers are in town for the London Wine Fair. The trade event is a big and busy event, but the evening promises to be relaxed and informal and a great opportunity to chat with them, with Society staff but also to meet each other. I am planning on dedicating one of the exhibition tables to the community - so if you can make this evening’s event, do come and say hello.

3. Friday 25th May - Lunch at The Society (Special Event)

(there’s no booking link to this yet)
There is a special event happening on a Friday and there is the opportunity for us to take up to 2 tables (16 people). I will be attending and would love to meet you and join you on a tour of the warehouses, plus a 4 course lunch with wines and aperitif. I would love to hear your thoughts on the community and ways we can improve it further.

if you are interested in this event, leave a note below and I will send you a PM with booking details!!

The events are all ticketed separately, but once you’ve secured yours let us know so we can see who else is going and make our plans.


and you could pour some community recommended wines at that table…


On the other hand, I could just hang out I the showroom and see who I bump into

It was a fantastic surprise to pop down there for 2 minutes a yet bump into @Alchemist doing his own Easter shopping

Note the ‘Members Favourites’ matching hairstyles

A personal announcement - a new admin team

definitely thinking about that - I will need to see if that is possible :slight_smile:

I’d certainly love to have a selection of the #discovery wines there, why not!?


Very good to meet you in the flesh @robert_mcintosh Had just popped in to collect my Easter weekend order, and whilst I passed up the opportunity to try the Alicante Bouschet on this occasion, I did still add an extra couple of Community recommendations from the recent press tasting…



That should be Easter Sunday lunch sorted :grinning:


Is anyone interested in coming along on the 25th? I need to chat to @Tim_S about setting this up if we want a Community table (or two)


I would like to go to the lunch on 25 May, so please put my name down for it, have never been to the HQ…


Super! We now have a table of … 2. We need to fill the other 6 spots so we’re not Johnny-No-Mates …



I would have loved to attend, but will be abroad.

I am looking forward to seeing the events coming up from July onwards (which hopefully should be advertised soon)? Hoping for a Stevenage dinner, or something in this vein… :wink:


A question, possibly not in the best place for it. Is there a vegetarian (or possibly pescatarian) alternative meal available at any of these WS events? I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere, though I haven’t really looked lately, but for me, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one, this has always been a decisive factor in not going to any of the Society meal-based events.


Good question - I don’t know but I will find out if @Tim_S has not replied before I get that answer :slight_smile:


You can put me down for the lunch on the 25th May…


@Andy999 As long as we are given notice we can accommodate any dietary requests.

Although that may not stretch to those who refuse to eat anything other than caviar and lobster and only drink GC Burgundy.


That’s good to know. I may have missed it somewhere but perhaps it could be mentioned a bit more prominently.

(And what’s wrong with caviar and lobster?!?)


There is nothing wrong with it. It’s the people who want to pair it with Grand Cru Burgundy instead of Hunter Valley Sem and Clare Valley Riesling that upset me.

We are adding a Q&A page in the next Tastings booklet that covers dietary and seating requests and we are also in the process of adding a “Guide to Attending Events” page to the website so hopefully will be clearer in the future.


Well seeing as I work in the building and haven’t yet met any of you fine Community folks (aside from other staff, obvz!) I’d be thrilled to attend the 25th too, so that makes three… :smile:

Hope we get some other takers as it would be great to meet and chat!


I’m trying to sort childcare as yet again the OH will be offshore , at the moment it’s not looking particularly good :disappointed:…! Any changes and I’ll be biting your hand off :upside_down_face:


Hi Robert,

Hopefully (everything crossed) I can make it on 25 May - please send me the link and I will confirm ASAP.


Excellent! The tickets for this should be available on Monday. Will post the link here


There seems to be nothing on 25 May on the tastings calendar. Is this a normal ‘Lunch at the Society’? I went to one, and the tour was interesting but both the wines and their presentation were rather disappointing.