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Community Highlights 2020

Hi everyone,

Well, what a year it’s been! One of the more challenging ones, but it’s been sincerely heartening to see the members of this Community support, entertain and educate each other throughout. It’s also doubled in size, with twice as many members and twice as many posts vs 2019!

With almost 1,000 new topics started in 2020, there’s so, so much rich discussion to enjoy, but here’s an attempt to showcase some of the best of the Community in 2020:

Sharing the joy of good wines

The best (and most unusual!) of your food and wine matching chats

Other popular foodie chats included…

Discussions about The Wine Society, its history, and your membership

There’s been plenty of wine exploration…

Surprisingly, there was still some great wine travel discussions this year!

Advice about managing your wine collection remained fruitful as ever…

And there was plenty of discussions about other, non-wine-related hobbies, interests and activities…

Some wine discussions were more serious, but important and fascinating to read:



Regional wine discussions popped up all over the place!








And finally…

I couldn’t resist reminiscing about an important Community event - the addition of the brilliant @Kelly to our Community staff team:


It’s hard to imagine Kelly’s only been with us for a few months, especially as she’s been running our popular Lunch with a Buyer and #twstaste events all year!

What’s been your Community highlight of 2020? Any topics you’d like to add to the above? Let us know…

And here’s to another year of this Community - thank you, everyone, for making this such a wonderful place to be. :heart:


Without a doubt the Thursday BYOB tastings at the first heavy lockdown. It was contact (albeit virtual) with others and something to look forward to in a week of work from home or furlough monotony. Not to mention a good excuse to open a nice bottle!


I blummin love this forum.

Integral part of growing my love of wine over the last few years, an education and a pleasure.

Thanks to everyone and cheers :clinking_glasses:

Special thanks to @laura for looking after us so tactfully :+1:


Great highlights package, will have to browse a bit deeper as most of those topics bring up some great memories.

Thank you @laura and @Kelly for keeping us entertained and in check (mostly) and everyone else from TWS who occasionally take the time to swing by and to offer advice, rationale and general gossip with the community.

Thanks also to everyone here. While not so much elsewhere, it’s been a great year in The Community at least. Lots of new contributors as well as the old favourites. You might make My wish list sell through quicker than lockdown linguine, but you’re definitely improving someone’s basket and I’m sure they’re as happy as Mrs Brocklehurstj is that they’ve snatched it from my basket.


Oh @laura, what a lovely round up of what’s been a difficult year for a lot of us. It demonstrates the true meaning of community and what a wonderful place this has become.
Looking forward to seeing what new conversations we have in 2021.


Yes Laura. What a good job you have done.

I’ve only been here for a short time and tbh, this is the first ever forum that I have posted on regularly. It is genuinely like a family.

I have learnt loads, hopefully imparted a bit (as loved doing the three things for beginners thread) and had the (very odd) disagreement as well.

I also find that the community has a great sense of humour, and apologise as mine is slightly weird!

I personally am looking forward to being part of the conversation next year as I feel that I have a load of new friends in a very unexpected way. Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all who celebrate this occasion, and also to those who have other special days! :heart_eyes:


Oh shucks, you guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re all more than welcome - I can’t quite believe this is what I get to do as a job! Thank you all for your kind words.

You’ve brilliantly put into words the exact reason we have this Community - I’m thrilled to read this!

An EXCELLENT reference! :joy: Glad you avoided mentioning toilet roll…!

Yes! I think one of my favourite things about this year has almost been the non-wine discussions - the way you’ve all kept each other company and shared kindness and resources, from free theatre and music to food boxes and growing your own veg. It’s definitely shown this is a Community that goes beyond a love of wine.

Hooray! It’s wonderful to have you here, and to hear how much you’ve enjoyed contributing already. I agree about the sense of humour too - you’re a very funny bunch (especially at our virtual tastings!)

You’re SO right - those were really special events. We had almost 200 people at one of them, and nearly broke the Community. :crazy_face:

Anyone have a particular favourite event? I think the Lebanon one was one of mine - seemed like a lot of people who took part fell in love with this under-appreciated region at a time when it really needed our support.


What a year it’s been, I’m certainly glad I found the community in the spring. I’m always amazed by how willing fellow members are to share their wealth of knowledge to a wine newbie like me, whether it be explaining a previously unheard of grape variety or the difference between Rioja styles. I’ve can honestly say I’ve learned more from joining the community in 6 months than I had the previous 6 years, as well as picking up some excellent recommendations along the way (if you’d said Xinomavro to me at the start of the year I wouldn’t have had a clue, 6 months later I’ve probably got enough in reserves to start exporting back to Greece). It’s definitely changed my buying habits, I’m now more likely to buy a wine I’ve seen on one of the weekend drinking threads or based on one of @Inbar’s fabulous tasting notes than on website reviews etc. And who can forget the sumptuous feasts chez @robertd every weekend, always a post to look forward. Of course big thanks go to @laura et al for a sterling job, it can’t be easy keeping us all in check :slightly_smiling_face: We may not all agree on everything, but I’m sure we can all agree to raise a glass to each other at the end of the year to end all years*:wine_glass:

*That being said, we’d probably all disagree on what should be in the glass and whether it was actually the right glass to serve it in, but that’s part of the fun right?


Brilliant video - great to see the festive spirit riding high. Congratulations and a Happy Christmas to all of the team.


Well, I’ve learned a lot from the collective wisdom of the forum members, and ended up buying a lot more wine, and a much broader variety too.

Personal highlight for me was @Leah 's tale of ‘accidentally’ buying a bottle of Bollinger in her internet shopping.


And nothing else! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t think @Leah had an accident. My spies tell me that she does it every week :rofl:


It may or may not have happened more than once :rofl: