Common Wine Clichés

Don’t be put off by others’ commentary. Life on here can get a little sharp-tongued sometimes. Water and Duck’s Backs etc etc! Like ‘real life’ we never always agree.


i’ve seen several in clear view in quite prestigious producers…the assumption (on their behalf) is that most people will think its filtration kit !

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How about ‘Artisan’ lovingly hand tended by Fluffers


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Artisan what? I don’t think fluffers would waste their time on grapes :grimacing:


Not a wine cliché as such, but The Times today has an article about English vineyards, highlighting four to visit. It starts, in all seriousness

“Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness — and wine harvests.”

Interestingly the online comments section for the article has been turned off, normally only done in the case of controversial stories or opinions - presumably the writer was getting too much abuse.

See also David Williams, wine columnist in the Observer, where comments are off. They also show his Twitter handle - he hasn’t posted there since 2017.

“Presumably” - according to who ? please cite sources.

According to me (almost by definition). Can you think of another explanation?

Shall we head back to the pedantry thread?:wink: