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Coming to Sainsburys soon


When it comes to new types of marketing the USA does not disappoint…

not having had the pleasure ! of tasting this new trend in wine making I could not possibly comment, but the reality is it is just another way to make wine, imparting a spirit based taste through barrel ageing in ex bourbon and tequila barrels is no less valid that adding spirit to Sherry or Port, what it actually tastes like is yet to be defined, well over here anyway.


If it is used to add more complexity to something already good then I applaud it and would definitely try.


@DrEm posted about this wine a few weeks ago , I believe he tried it while in the states, I can’t find the thread though, maybe he can let us know his thoughts ?


Tried this one as I couldn’t find the Federalist.
You certainly get the smokey caramel coming through pretty strongly and it would certainly be a good accompaniment to the ribs/pulled pork and varieties of BBQ style sauces.
I would give it a go once you’ve got the Barbie going and the meat in marinades.