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Collecting Bottles?


Does anyone collect bottles. I ve got the impression that some people buy the bottle of wine because it looks good . They have a collection of bottles but they dont actually drink the wine in them. I can understand a collection of empty bottles. I own one antique empty pop bottle. Many years ago there was a firm in Keighley that made pop and put their product into green glass bottles. The bottle has the name of the firm " HOYLE KEIGHLEY" in raised glass lettering on the side of the bottle. The firm went out of business many years ago . I purchased the bottle at a superior junk shop. The bottle is small but quite heavy.


@BENEDICTNASH this is an interesting thread. In all the years that I’ve been drinking/collecting wines and visiting vineyards I collected a lot of bottles. I once had them lined up around the cellar walls but they eventually degrade and become unreadable. I do however collect wine bottles with embossed necks, most typically CNDP and some others. I have an embossed Ch Giscours bottle and an old Port bottle too.
What I do now is to photograph everything I drink and put the label picture onto my Instagram account. It makes a great record.


I don’t collect bottles, but I have saved three:

  • Vin de Constance - a black 500ml bottle cast from an old original misshapen Constantia wine bottle. (VdC cost me less than £15 then, it’s now in the £40-50 range}.

  • Napier Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - because I harvested grapes and ‘helped’ start fermentation in the winery and got a couple of bottles with personalised labels showing me picking in vineyards.

  • Freixenet Prosecco - because its multi-faceted ‘cut glass’ bottle is a nice table decoration with miniature LED lights inside


As @peterm I just have a couple for the memories:
From the first date with my partner 30 years ago Mount Saint Helens aussie red.
1957 Armagnac, 50th birthday pressie.
1997 Hardy’s ale, a much missed friend’s gift, actually drunk at Christmas last year!


We save special bottles rather than collect per se.

Two great 1989s, a couple of birth years, a wedding anniversary Calva and a 1978 vintage champers that was, TBH, wasted on us.


I have a collection of ‘special’ bottles that i’ve consumed. Makes a nice display on top of the wine fridge.