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Cold Reds

Grignolino works really nicely chilled, to my tastes.

I’ve just today got a few out of reserves for summer barbies, though it works best with lighter BBQd food IMO.

I actually often enjoy my Xinomavros with a wee bit of a chill on them too.

Liatiko likewise.

Cold reds are de rigueur in Greece; an old GF of mine there used to enjoy mixing cold red wine with coca cola of all things, with a load of ice. Strangely rather nice on a hot sticky Athens summer night.


Ah yes, red wine and coke, not half bad in the right setting. We had a chat about it a few years back:

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We were taught about this by the Spanish contingent on our Erasmus year, they called it calimocho/kalimoxto. The key criteria is that the Coke should be genuine Coca Cola and ideally it should cost more than the wine!



Yes! Kalimotxo. This is a real thing in Spain. Ideally with the kind of red wine that comes out of a tetrapak.