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Cognac for Christmas



anyone tried this? keen to sample for Christmas. What kind of stopper/top does it have? thanks!!


haven’t tried, but TWS says:

Stopper cork (ie sherry)

A short natural or agglomerate cork with a plastic or wooden top to enable the stopper to be removed by hand. Traditionally used for whiskies, sherries, Madeira etc.


Not a Cognac fan myself, but I did recently learn a fair bit about it thanks to the latest Travels in Wine (there’s a topic about it here) which has a whole section on a visit to Frapin. :smiley: Hope that gives you some help, and I’m sure someone around here has tried it and can give more info…


Simplest thing to do is to go to Cognac and find out for yourself. I know it’s a long way but if you’re in SW France on holiday you should make the effort. Many great cognac producers will offer you a tour of their premises, tell you how it’s made and give you a sample of their wares. The basic price gets you basic cognac but there is the option of paying for an old or a very old cognac. You can do several in one day although there are drawbacks to this strategy. There are also many restaurants who will give you good lunch for €15. Put it on your bucket list.