Coffee IN wine ?!

Yes that’s exactly how she described it!

The Ethiopians are coming in. I’ve managed to get two bags from the same cooperative, one from a London roaster, the other from Berlin. Thanks to this thread I’ve enjoyed some forays into beans roasted on the continent.


I’ve had that in previous years, should be a very good coffee. Five Elephant are doing great things, not tried a Square Mile coffee in a while now but James Hoffman’s (co-owner of Sq M) YouTube channel is really good.

@danchaq there’s another new release from Ethiopia

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I don’t believe it is legal to say “may contain X” merely as an arse covering exercise. The reason is that it would vastly reduce the number foods that are off-limits for people with allergic reactions.

It is however valid (and reasonable) to use that form of words if allergen X has not been explicitly added, but it is present in the working environment because other products prepared there use it.