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Coffee IN wine ?!

I’m really loving the two bags (filter + espresso) I’ve got from The Barn, thanks for bringing a new set of sources to my attention. I might hunt around for something different for my next bag but I’m definitely ordering from them again.

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If you like The Barn then Bonanza & Five Elephant (both also Berlin based) are great.

La Cabra and Coffee Collective in Denmark.

Drop in Sweden.

Bocca, White Label and Friedhats in Amsterdam.

Caffenation in Belgium

They’re all in the same league.

I tend to not enjoy UK roasters as much but Kofra in Norwich are very much in the same league as above.


Ooof found some interesting bags at Five Elelephands and Coffee Collective, but both are £20 shipping. Might need to save up for a big order to make that worth it.


Sorry to hijack this thread slightly, but does anyone know any logical reason why there may be peanuts in wine?

I ask since I was just putting this in my Ocado basket after seeing it on the rather excellent wineking’s youtube channel, on this video.

The Ocado page says that it contains peanuts. It doesn’t sound logical to me, and I’m guessing it is a back office error somewhere, but since my wife is allergic to peanuts I thought I would ask the community for some input…any reason peanuts would be in there?!

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Very strange. I can’t think of a reason for wine to contain peanuts. Only slight reference I can find is here, but even that is a reference to tree nuts rather than peanuts:

Thanks for that, quite interesting actually. Technically peanuts are legumes rather than nuts as you probably know, but in any case, it seems the risk here is low. I think the simplest conclusion is still that it is an error on the Ocado website. I can’t find a similar warning on the Tesco website for the same wine, or on Penfold’s official page for the wine either.

I guess I will just have to drink it all myself just to make absolutely sure…

Got to be a mistake surely?

As @Brocklehurstj already said my first assumption would be fining, perhaps not directly involving peanuts but perhaps something involved in the process came from a factory that cant / wont guarantee it’s peanut free to cover themselves?

Also very possible. So many products these days “may contain…”.

I think most of the time the risk is extremely low and as you point out, it is just a backside covering exercise.

They do, but in this case it’s very clear - contains peanuts. This is very clear, no back-covering at all. Strongly recommend your wife to avoid altogether.

That suggests to me that either they’ve made a mistake; peanuts (weird) are used in processing/manufacturing or they’ve confused peanuts with tree nuts and there are non-grape derived tannins used in processing/manufacturing.

Totally agree. Since it explicitly says it contains peanuts, we will not be taking any chances.

Would be foolish to ignore it even if it is potentially a mistake.

My comment was really referring to the myriad of other products which state that they may contain peanuts. To avoid all those would be extremely limiting, so a calculated risk is required.

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Yes, it’s so tough trying to weigh up what is purely arse-covering and what other weird things manufacturers might actually use unexpectedly.

I used to manage the catering service for a school and trying to get all the children fed safely was an interesting challenge. Fortunately nearly everything was freshly-made, so we had good knowledge and control, but even so, with hundreds of kids there were some very tricky combinations.

That sounds like a job with a lot of responsibility!