Coffee IN wine ?!

James Hoffman (who is one of my favourite humans) reviews various coffee flavoured items …

… including WINE.

Why??!? We’re still none the wiser.


Love Hoffman and the (bad) coffee in things series.

nice to see another coffee geek on here!


It’s a liittle discussed fact that “wine” can be used as a descriptor in a coffee tasting note, in the same way that “coffee” can be in a wine tasting note. So you could have a wine that tastes of coffee that tastes of wine that tastes of coffee that tastes of wine… and go on for ever unless at some point you find a wine that doesn’t taste of coffee, or a coffee that doesn’t taste of wine.

There’s something to enliven a flagging conversation if there are wine and/or coffee geeks present :slight_smile:


Hm it’s a good point, the mocha notes in a Argentine Malbec or those fermented flavours that develop in a natural process coffee. Both of which I like.

And coffee stouts have been around a while, I’m cool with that. And yet… deliberately mixing coffee flavours into wine… :nauseated_face:

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But the geeks will argue that neither wine or coffee is really a note, as the spectrum of both is massive :wink:

A food researcher once told me there’s more tasting notes in specialty coffee than there are in wine.

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He is a man who makes you want expensive things

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Surprisingly unlike wine, coffee geekery is affordable!

Now as for his coffee…may work in London but outside of there um ashy notes come to mind!

At £15 a bag I’d expect it have the finest ashy notes available!

I’d rather it didn’t at £15!!!

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Really? I’m not a huge fan of SqM personally but the specialty coffee scene has just exploded. Even 10 years ago all the big cities had a range of shops but now even tiny villages have them. Not had to drink a nasty Italian style roast in a very long time thankfully.

I’m with you on SqM!

Every time our local coffee shop gets some in it’s always without fail has an ashy aftertaste!

We prefer Round Hill for most of our coffee. It seems consistently good in being able to achieve the flavour profile at home.

Mind you visit Melbourne (when they lift the restrictions) and have your specialty coffee mind blown away!

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I’ve had some excellent coffee from SqM but I’m not a fan of Red Brick. I rotate around a few I can get mail order, I’ve had a good hit rate with Hasbean who happen also to be very competitively priced.

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HasBean were my go to when I first got into coffee. I’ve never been that impressed with Round Hill.

I buy a lot from a local place Kofra who are prob my favourite UK roaster. Otherwise I prefer Scandi style so La Cabra, Drop, Coffee Collective etc.

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Oh Hasbean to us says it all in the name! I understand it’s part of Ozone now so hopefully it’s changed for the better. We haven’t tried it for ages and it’s not easy to pick up locally (Birmingham).

We used to have some good coffee’s from SqM but that was quite a while ago before their roaster changed! Sweet Shop is an interesting Espresso but for filter we don’t rate them highly these days!


I’ve only just taken receipt of a bag from Kiss the Hippo but will have a flick through those others for the future.

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So who do you buy coffee from (I’m not trying to be snide, but always on the look out for roasters I haven’t tried)?

I rarely buy from Square Mile these days (there are some exceptions I buy whenever I see them, the main being Aida Battle’s Kilimanjaro - in any of the processes - which always seems to justify the price… though I haven’t seen it since the pandemic), but mainly because I don’t think it seems to justify the price very often rather than because I necessarily think I can get better coffee elsewhere (though since I can almost never be bothered with the faff of avoiding London tap water, I’m not seeing the best of any coffee I buy most of the time). I’ve been enjoying most of what I’ve been getting from James Gourmet Coffee recently.

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I agree with you about Kilimanjaro - that was the last good SqM coffee we had when you could have all three processes and the cascarra! I remember tasting them all together at the Manchester Coffee Festival!

Round Hill and Colonna are our usual purchases. We have some La Cabra to open next which should be good. We struggle with The Barn and after visiting them in Berlin are not as enamored as others seem to be! We probably focus more on the origins of the coffee. So African coffee will always raise our interest especially Rwanda! Naturals are pretty good and the Carbonic Macerations with their Cinnamon flavours are great!

I suppose in the end it depends on how you make your coffee. We use V60 for 2 or Aeropress for 1 and even then we find huge differences between the same coffee. Water filtering is easy with a Brita, especially as we have hard water and of nothing else the Kettle thanks you!

We are full on geeks with scales and everything. We have been known to pack everything up and fly half way round the world with coffee making equipment so that we can still get our daily fix of good coffee! It’s only because we fly back with some much wine that we now have pretty much a duplicate set up left abroad for out next visit!


I never understood the Barn’s reputation - it always seemed to just be insanely light and not taste as good as a properly roasted coffee to me, but it’s been some years since I’ve tried it.

Thanks for the response; I’ve had the odd bag from Round Hill without being bowled over, but will give them a try with more attention, and Colonna I’ve not tried, and look forward to doing so (despite their ridiculous website). I should maybe try Brita again; last time I did a comparison I didn’t think it was particularly worthwhile, but I can’t remember where I was living then, so the water may well not have been as hard.


I used to buy all my coffee from the Algerian Coffee Stores in Soho until the current conditions stopped me going up to town. I don’t drink enough coffee to warrant mail-order as I do with my tea from Twinings.

As to wine and coffee, the nearest I get to that is caffè corretto con grappa.

My first cup this morning of the Daltan Family Guatamala from Kiss the Hippo (Caturra & Bourbon, washed). Really clean fruit, nice contrast to what I’ve been drinking this month.