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Coffee bbq blend brisket pairing

Hi Folks I currently have a small bit of brisket on the smoker and I’m looking to pair a glass of wine with it. It’s more of a challenge in that I’m trying a new coffee rub on the brisket. I would be grateful if you could give me some suggestions of wines or grape varieties that you think might pair well. Many thanks.


I’d go something like a right bank claret or Argentine Malbec.

Actually I’m planning on opening a 2011 Pomerol tonight if you want to pop round with some brisket when it’s ready :grinning:


Haha Thanks Dan, was also thinking of Argentinian Malbec, but looked at my wine racks and sadly must’ve had the last one with steak midweek. So went left field, not as in left bank, but Chilean Concha Y Toro.

I saw the excellent wine society video on Concha Y Toro with Marcelo and Max. The wine is inexpensive and very nice on its own. It has flavours of cassis and black cherry and hints of coffee and dark chocolate. Can’t tell you how it pairs as the brisket is taking longer than usual 🤦😂

Had a chance to taste with the brisket, it worked really well with the coffee rub and brought out the black cherry in the wine :+1:t2:


Pinotage? It should stand up well to the meat flavours and can often display “espresso” aromas that could work well.


Thanks Matt I’ll add Pinotage to the my list😀

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Feel free to share the brisket recipe :slight_smile:

How strong was the coffee taste? I’ve finished brisket with a shot of espresso a few times and it hasn’t really tasted of coffee at all. Very nice though

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Hi Nick I’m a firm fan of Malcolm Reed (How to BBQ Right) and he seasons his briskets with SPG (salt, pepper, garlic) I like to add a little onion granules too. In order for seasonings to stick to meat I use American mustard or olive oil.

I do like to make up my own rubs, but my BBQ forum friend Poppy Hewitt (Norfolk Smoke Pit) has produced a new rub called Brew and Briskets So I wanted to give it a try… As it was my first attempt I went lightly with it, but I really liked the taste so I’ll be bolder next time.

I used a chunk of oak and some hickory chips as I’d run out of chunks🤦. Got temp to about 120ç stuck the meater+ in the meat and let it ride. This was a very small brisket as we can’t socialise atm and it was a trial run with a new rub.

I’ve done many briskets before but this one seemed to go on for ever, normally I buy unrolled briskets from butcher but due to time this was not possible I guess the thickness of meat determined the long length of the cook.

Anyhow very pleased with first attempt and will definitely be doing it again :grin:


Looks great! I was interested in how much it tasted of coffee, as in my experience the overt coffee taste very much mellows, but certainly adds something to it. I’m a big fan

I also like a simple seasoning although have had some success with spice rubs. Quite like making my own up but I should probably try some pre mixed. Dizzy Pig have a good reputation in my bbq circles for more general rubs

We’re in the lockdown “can’t overcater” conundrum too. Best thing I found is a brisket chilli recipe

(To be fair, I adapted this one quite heavily)

That way we can cook a half brisket (tend to go for a point end, plenty of fat), eat what we can and chilli the rest. Really seriously good!!

No pics of the chilli, I’ll have to get some next time. Turner and George are good for these kind of BBQ cuts, although I’m reading the online suppliers thread with interest too


Ooh looks incredible, love the BGE too, I’ve heard lots of great things about it. Good idea re splitting the brisket in two, I too have had brisket in chilli it’s amazing.

I’ll take a look at Turner and George and Dizzy Pig, thanks for post and suggestions, looking forward to seeing many more of your great cooks.

If you haven’t tried pineapple feta bites and you like pineapple, they are definitely worth a try, they make a great appetisers. Feta cheese cubes sprinkled with homemade rub, placed on top of a cube of fresh pineapple wrapped in bacon and brushed with homemade BBQ sauce. Delicious :yum:


That sounds like something I could get on board with!!

You won’t be disappointed and there’s you tube videos for guidance if needed. Just followed your chilli link that chilli looks incredible, I love leftover brisket chilli, not sure whether it’s the added smoke or the texture of the brisket chunks, but it’s so much better than ground beef chilli.

Speaking of great ideas for leftovers we normally have Mac n cheese or Nachos, cheese and Salsa with pulled pork, but I really love pulled pork enchiladas, it works a treat and now I intentionally buy a larger pork shoulder just to make up the enchiladas :joy:

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Oh that sounds good, and we’ve always got too much pulled pork too!

Yeah it’s that extra smokiness that makes the chilli so good. I’ve also made left over pork rib chilli which was good, but the brisket is a winner!

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