Coach Tour of France

We have just returned from a fantastic coach tour of France
Starting off in Rouen, then travelling down to Chinon, Rocamadour, and Carcassonne (Had the cheapest wine ever whilst staying at the Brit Hotel Bosquet. 6 Euros for a half-litre jug of house wine). The wine was red and very smooth tasting. Then onto Aix de Provence, visiting Cassis for the day and sampling its unique white wine.
Then travelled back up to Macon and finally Paris.
It was very interesting as we passed most of the famous vineyards of the regions and saw the different landscapes.
Overall a rewarding experience and being able to taste the lovely wines of the region


How many days’ worth was it ?

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12 days in total

Who did you book with?

Leger, they offer Siver Service and Luxuria. We prefer Silver Service as there is a nice lounge at the rear of the coach
A company from Rotheram, they also took over the Shearings name

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Normally (please bear with me) that would be my idea of a nightmare, being stuck on a coach for a long journey.

BUT spread over twelve days it sounds great! and certainly beats the absolute pain and stress of doing the driving and hotel management one’s self. Which area did you like the most?

To be honest, I liked all the areas we visited and would happily do the same trip again.
Being on a coach tour, when we have a base for two or three nights, the days are usually spent going out on day trips.
We were in Chinon for two nights, but apart from driving through the town, we never had the chance to explore., which was a shame as it is steeped in history and full of wine-tasting shops and very good restaurants.
However, whilst on the day trip, we went to Amboise, where we bought two wines
Chateau Montdomaine Le Breton 2020. This was the only wine bought without tasting
from the same producer: Cuvee de L’Artiste 2019

Rocamadour for two nights. This is a hillside town, which is very picturesque and where we bought 4 bottles of the local wine varieties :
Chateau de L’Auze Bergerac 2016
Chateau La Coustarelle Grand Cuvee Prestige Cahors 2019
Domaine du Tariquet Cotes de Gascogne Classic 2021 and Marselan 2020
All for 36 Euros

The area where we spent 3 nights would be the overall favourite
Aix de Provence


I have looked at Leger for some years as the company has such a good reputation and I would be very interested in trying their Luxuria service.
For the moment we are still driving by car, including Alsace this month, but the coach and rail holidays are attractive options.

I am interested. What were the hotels like? What was the coach travel like? What were the other punters like? Have you done any other trips with them?

I have hated airports with a visceral loathing for years and this year, following a flight cancellation on the way out (you know all those pictures you saw on the telly? That was me) and then getting back to Gatwick with the rails strike, I never, ever want to fly again. We are semi-retired, so the timesaving aspect of flight isn’t crucial. Also additional smugness for not flying.

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The Luxuria service is very good, you pay a little more because of the coach’s additional comforts, extra leg room, only 31 seats so a bit more exclusive, calf rests and a touch screen tv

We have done 4 shearings around the UK and 4 Leger trips into Europe. All have been brilliant.
The hotels do vary according to the trip you are on.
We did Venice Carnival in February 2019, that was brilliant.
We stayed around Lake Garda, the weather was warm, we had a great group, drivers included and the hotel was sublime, this was followed by a trip to Ireland, a 4-star hotel, with excellent food.
Then this year the Italian and French Riviera, all-inclusive basis. The hotel was only 3 star, but the amenities food and staff made it special
The Grand Tour of France was a mixture of 2-star up to 4-star hotels. Each one having its own character