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Has anyone joined Clubhouse? The new social media platform which consists of chat rooms where participants have the opportunity to discuss an abundance of topics including WINE!!
There are some fabulous wine topics on there, so wondering if anyone is partaking including TWS??

Is this the one where you need an exclusive code to join?

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Good report here
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Anyone can join in reality…

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Reality and Social Media, now there are two words that you don’t often hear in the same context!

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I thought the app works on a invitation only basis. Anyone on here with the invitation code? Will be interesting to listen into the Wine discussions.

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I’ll DM you , I have some invites :+1:

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Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Spotted you on a Wine Travel discussion last night @Leah. I have a couple of spare invites as well for those in need

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I’m unconvinced - this looks like another new wave of social media thing, but maybe I’m wrong - though the Glamour piece seems straight out of the publicist’s statement barely rewritten… I’d really like to poke around and see what they privacy settings are like (I’m a social media geek in terms of my research).

Is it only an app?

I would appreciate an invitation code if anyone has one…

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Ah. So it’s only on iOS and not on anything else? No desktop or android use…

Yes spotted you too, I’m now out of invites for now for everybody can DM you for a bit :joy:.

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I remain unconvinced by the model and the people / business behind it (if I’m honest).

I’m sure some great conversations are happening, but where will this go from here? I certainly don’t care about another platform for Elon Musk et al :slight_smile:

Also, they have a rather cavalier attitude to data & privacy -might be worth reading this:


Wow :flushed:, what a scathing report …!
I’m pretty lost for words .

Ive been asked to join and participate in a couple of ‘Chat rooms’ (seems very seedy writing that!)…not that fussed tbh

many people that I know have commented on the issues around security and their data breach last week was widely reported on…is it true you have to give access to your contacts ? if so, that’s a no from me as my phone is for my business and that would breach GDPR (to best of my knowledge)

I’ve not been asked to give access to my contacts, I wouldn’t click “yes” to that .

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I’d be interested to give it a try to see the wine chats.

If anyone has an invite I could use that would be appreciated. Thanks!

I enjoy the irony of this article being on LinkedIn, which is itself pretty intrusive, but agree with the substance - there is a lot to be pretty concerned about in the Clubhouse app. It almost looks more like a data harvesting operation than a legitimate app.


I’ve received at least 2 unsolicited SMS invitations, which means at least those two people have provided my name and number to Clubhouse without my permission - I am a bit annoyed tbh :frowning:

with the added irony / frustration that even if I was interested, those who know me also know I’m firmly in the Android camp and therefore cannot access it anyway


If I was going to go full conspiracy theory on it, it’s interesting that it’s only on iOS - a platform which (broadly) is harder to harvest data from normally.

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