Closure of showroom

TWS has just emailed to say they are closing their showroom. The closure is understandable, but the lack of notice or information is not. I have an order to collect, and there is no information in the notice about what is to happen to collections.

The email is sent from their ‘no reply’ email, which doesn’t matter to me as I have other emails to use from previous experience, but under the circumstances, this was NOT a helpful email for them to use.

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I appreciate it’s inconvenient, but surely far better to let everyone know what is happening to avoid pointless journeys and far greater frustration.

Given the rapidly changing circumstances, advice and restrictions, it might be that TWS don’t know yet exactly what is going to happen regarding arranged collections. Hang tight and wait for their best efforts if you can. Off to Tesco for a half case of Yellow Tail merlot if you can’t :grimacing:


You sick puppy :face_vomiting:


Its probably all gone to the same homes as all the loo roll anyway


A reply to my email to the Society (I don’t understand it, but maybe I will after Thursday):

You will not be able to enter the Showroom but the staff will get the order to you through the shutters at the door.

I think you have to take a bucket with you, and they tip the contents of your order through the letterbox, and you have to catch it, and then spray it with Dettol.


I had suggested a straw, but that might take me some time so I hope there isn’t a queue.


I’ve just seen the same email. TWS are fortunate that their business is one that can continue in these troublesome times. Many others aren’t so lucky. My place of work (education) has held daily briefings, their strategy has changed every day.

@Kelly, looks like you started at just the right time, with all this increased remote activity you and @laura are going to be busy!!


Same for me! Our University now switched all learning/teaching/support services to remote work. I must say, it was most civilised drinking my first cup of coffee of the day, and discussing mental health issues with students over email! :coffee: :desktop_computer:

Strange times… :roll_eyes:


But the problem is that everyone is switching seminars/conferences/etc. to on line, so what is the excuse for not attending? You can’t say you are too far away, or the traveling time is too much,… We are going to have to find new excuses…


Spot on! I’m looking forward to some interesting conversations with some of my students… :thinking:


I am 75 on Friday. So I am in the at risk categorie by age . But i dont have an underlying seriouse medical condition . I am taking care but we did go and do our shopping in the local Sainsburys . we could see the empty shelves caused by the hoarders at the weekend. I will still be doing daily dog walk. Open country is just down the road . I saw two tractors and the drivers waived but not many other people. Not surprising as i was carefully walking across a large but very boggy field. I looking forward to when the cattle come back out again because that will mean its warmer.


they can’t cover every eventuality in an email…it would be 3 feet long !

wonderful device called the telephone - give them a call, be nice to them, ask what the situation is



The message was sent after office hours. I had rung this morning to try to bring the collection forward, but the person I spoke was not interested and said it was impossible.

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…or ruses. A collegue at our university held his first online seminar and one of the students took a screen shot of his face and posted that in place of actually attending. Worked perfectly until the seminar ended and all the other students left.


You will have been called today or will be called tomorrow by our showroom staff regarding collection of wines, which is still possible for wines ordered before today. So sorry for the inconvenience, but things have moved very fast in the last 36 hours.


This could have been expected 12 hours ago. I would have liked to have had the opportunity to visit the showroom. I was annoyed by the refusal of my request this morning to pick up an order, sent several days ago, a couple of days early (I had originally planned to collect it at the showroom tasting on Thursday, which was then cancelled). The email about the closure also fails to note that this means that small orders will no longer be possible because of the costs of delivery.

And no, no one had called.

Obviously this must be frustrating in the way it disrupted your plans SPMember, but all these actions are being taken with the very best of intentions. The situation is developing so fast and the safety of everyone involved is obviously paramount.

I found myself rather annoyed earlier to find out that my order for Fourrier Clos st Jacques had been reduced to only one bottle due to stock issues (ie my order was picked last, despite being ordered before many others). However, on reflection it felt rather silly to be complaining about not getting 3 bottles of wine at £150 each when all this virus business is going on. It does rather put things in perspective.


Well said.


Fortunate to be able afford £150 a bottle. One affect of this epsode is that many people will have a lot of money accumulating At the end of it there will be a great splurge. The otherside of iit will be that their will be a lot of people out of work with no money. So those of us that can should spare a thought for those less fortunate and give them a helping hand