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Climadiff wine cabinets


Hi, I’m looking at buying a Climadiff wine cellar cabinet. Can any members please advise me on whether they would recommend them, and whether they are reliable and well made?


Will Smale.


Hello Will,

There were quite a few discussions on the forum regarding wine cabinets. This one might offer some help?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’m seriously thinking about getting a Climadiff CVP270 in the very near future. They seem to be well regarded and very reasonably priced.


I have a Climadiff CVP143. I’ve had it a few years and it’s been very satisfactory. I have had Eurocaves and a Transtherm cabinet and they’ve all been fine (one Eurocave gave up the ghost but I had had it for quite a while).


Thank you for the replies, it is much appreciated.


I’ve had a Climadiff for about 3 years and it’s been completely trouble free. It’s functional rather than good to look at, but as it’s in the garage that’s fine.

One advantage they have is that they have an ambient operating temperature range down to 0c, so suitable for a garage (not saying that my garage has never dipped below zero!), rather than those which need a higher minimum temperature.


I purchased a Transtherm unit about 5 years ago, and I’ve not had a single issue with it at all, and rather than suggest one cabinet is better than the other here are a couple of pointers that I realised after that would of changed my decision after my purchase:

  1. Capacity above gimmicks. I purchased a unit with a chiller at the bottom for sparking wine, and a warming unit at the top for bringing bottles to room temperature. Instead I wish I had gone for a unit that had additional shelves as I quickly ran out of capacity and would of welcomed the valuable space.

  2. Location. If you’re going to position this in the garage do not worry about a nice visual front, go for a plain and simple door that will reduce the cost further as you’re realise that a pleasing kitchen design is wasted in a dark secluded room.

  3. Winters. If you do plan to put this in the garage, be mindful that unless this area is well insulated chances are that any heating element will not compensate for a biting chill going underneath the garage door. Before I moved the unit, I had to cover the unit with a duvet and blankets to keep a reasonable cellar temperature.

  4. eBay. After I purchased mine from an approved retailer, my friends then purchased their Transtherms from eBay for literally a fifth of the price. Whilst the model was a few years older, such was the quality that they too have not had a single problem with theirs. They also used ‘a man in a van’ to go and collect and deliver, to then store the devices out of the way in a dark location.

  5. Wine inventory. Not a purchasing problem, but have a plan on how you wish to organise your wine; by country?, by grape?, by vintage?, by cost? I quickly had to knock up a spreadsheet of wine stored as you will not remember all the wine you have stored. I then realised that having a logical system in the unit was irrelevant as long as you was able to search and organise your wine digitally (though I have chronic wine OCD and try to keep things together, but when capacity constraints come I to play it’s hard to stick to this principle). There are apps that help with this, but honestly they take quite a bit of time and maintenance (even those that take the label photo).

  6. Moving. I moved house recently, and I can say wholeheartedly that this was the single most awkward device to move. Make sure if you can get it in easily, you can get it out easily as well.

I hope this is all useful, it goes without saying that when you have one of these, you’ll need another one very soon :wink:


@ChinChin a very good summary.

I would agree with 1, 2 and 5 in particular from experience ! The Climadiff operates well at low temperatures which is one of the reasons I bought it for a garage in Scotland…

I don’t really use eBay so can’t comment on 4 and have no intentions of moving but you make a very good point there.

And as you say, buy one bigger than you think you need (if you have the space).


That’s all brilliant advise, many thanks