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Clever gift ideas for wine fans



OK, I know it is still quite-a-few-sleeps away, but let’s be honest … some of us (chaps!) need to be encouraged to get our act in order sooner rather than later to ensure we get our gifts sorted without a last minute panic.

What might be an interesting and different gift for a wine loving friend / partner / relative (or for yourself that you could mention to others)?

A gift of wine is always gratefully received, of course, but by the same token there are only so many corkscrews, wine chillers, or glass charm rings that we can politely store.

I hope this list will inspire you and others, and maybe we can gather a list of really useful gifts for a change.

Here’s one:

Reading the thread about the Alcoholic advent calendars I was reminded of a fantastic gift my wife gave me a few years ago (since repeated).

Normally I buy all the wine, so I know pretty much everything we have in the house. So, for a change, she ordered a selection of wines herself. She put together a case of 12 bottles, (took careful note of key information) and then wrapped each bottle for secrecy. The only condition for selection was that they were either single-varietal wines, or blends representative of their region.

We then organised a monthly blind-tasting dinner where she would select one of the bottles, prepare a meal to match it, then allow me the ‘pleasure’ of blind tasting the wine to guess: grape / vintage / region / price

I often failed miserably, but was surprisingly close once or twice.

The great thing was to try something that I had not chosen myself, but to enjoy it at home … so if I failed the tasting miserably, only she would know and we still got to enjoy a regular special event.

Rather than try to organise a bottle-a-day for December, it struck me that buying a case for enjoying across the year made more sense for a wine lover. Instead of an advent calendar, therefore, maybe The Society could create a mystery ‘blind tasting’ case with pre-wrapped bottles instead. What do you think?

Have you had any really great or different wine gifts, or ideas for any that you’d like to receive?


A weekend away.

Buy a bottle of wine - say a Roero Arneis - and replace the label with a map of somewhere like Alba. You don’t have to go to a vineyard, you can simply stay in the town and immerse yourself in the wine culture there; eating at a decent restaurant won’t be hard. Better if you time it with a local festival. Print fake plane tickets as the back label and maybe a date and reason for trip as the neck label

The tale will slowly unfold as the recipient tries to work out what the wine is. Lots of puzzled looks, questions and that final dawning moment. Plus they get a bottle of wine to drink.


If you post it in the SW19 Mums Facebook Group, my wife shall surely read it…

A very good idea!


I would LOVE a coravin for Christmas .I’ve hinted quite heavily. By hinting, I mean have told him outright this is what I’d like. Just ensuring there can be no confusion you see.
My birthday is also in December so he has 2 opportunities to get it right :thumbsup:


As a bit of a stationary nerd :books: I’d quite like to find this https://gb.moleskine.com/en/passion-journal-wine/p0452 under the tree; they also have ones for beer and restaurants.


A couple of wine-related books that would be fantastic:

Simon Woods’ amusing facts about wine

The amazing wine novel - hugely funny but also with great insight

And for the food & wine geek - this comes highly recommended (by Victoria Moore … as in, she wrote it, but someone else recommended it, just to be clear)


I do own one of these :slight_smile: … gift to self never used :frowning2:


Oh yes The Wine Dine Dictionary looks great!


it is. Very good.


@Catherine, I was given this last year… its just a shame it doesn’t come in any brighter colours! Its very useful though .


@NorthernWrites, what a great idea!


I absolutely love this idea, Rob! I might even steal it…

For more silly stocking filler wine gifts, how about the wine top trumps card game?

It’s very daft but quite an unexpected one, and top trumps is always fun to play…! :smile:


ooh, yes! I’d love to try it (though would be fun if it was more like Cards Against Humanity)

That reminds me that there was also @hugofount’s Wine Simulator Game


Those are not a lot of opportunities.


For an expensive Le Crueset Screwpull, look at EBay, have bought £100 models for £15 or less.
Invariably unwanted gifts, so very often still in their original cellophane or Clingfilm wrap.
Getting close to Christmas, so get your skates on. I buy on auction rather from traders.


We don’t have this one but did buy the restaurant one and slowly filling it up.


Just looking at my bookshelves (putting away some recent arrivals) reminds me of two of my favourite books of 2017, both of which would make any wine society member very happy. Read them yourselves, or gift them to someone who will lend them to you:


(and I should probably mention that the author is already a member here, so a double reason to support @Henrygjeffreys)


(I’m using Amazon links because it shows the images, but feel free to buy direct from the publisher, Unbound, or your local bookshop!)


I’ve read this book too. It’s very informative … and entertaining. Rcommended!


I was referring to the Miracle Brew book.


Jumping on the “book” theme, Rachel McCormacks “Chasing the Dram” is a great read.
Have already purchased a copy for my Dad. I think he’ll enjoy some of her wit. :}