Clearance bargains

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth paying my hard earned pennies when the Society first releases its superb selections. For the second year running I’ve been clobbered by clearance bargains. A dozen wines I bought in the last few months have now appeared in the clearance list, which could have saved me a whopping £105. Great news for bargain hunters but annoying for me, to say the least. Maybe I have a gift for spotting the losers; Australia and USA seem to figure strongly in the loser stakes. I guess all good things come to those who wait!

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I also chose a couple of wines for my Xmas present just over a week ago that are now in clearance section. Guess it’s inevitable, but annoying nevertheless.

I suppose it’s a bit of a balancing act; if no one bought bottles from the list upon its release, you would not- in theory - have ‘bin end’ or ‘leftover’ bottles which can constitute a bargain offer. Then again, one is always a little worried about missing out on good bottles; recent threads about sold out special bottles were filled with even more of a sense of frustration.

I’m sure we all pay for bottles from time to time, which we then spot in a bin end offer. You win some you lose some, I guess…?


No different from buying anything online or on the high street, I guess - always a possible chance that a particular bottle will get reduced (or sold out before it can get reduced).

Happens all the time unfortunately as @VinoVeritas says. Last summer I bought a couple of hundred pounds worth of plants from an online supplier and the next day (ie. well before I received said plants) I received an email notification of clearance deals which included a good number of the plants I had ordered. But my order had already been processed and nothing to be done but take it on the chin.

As @Inbar says it’s always a gamble (not unlike the stockmarket really) buy too early and you might be paying too much, buy too late and there might be none left.


If you liked them, but some more! :slight_smile: