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City of London evening drink/tasting session?


I was just wondering if there might be any interest in a regular meet up in the City of London for those working there (Andre & Nick being two examples) where we could meet up somewhere (happy to volunteer my office, although it’s not particularly swish!) for a very quick sample of a bottle of wine (maybe 2) “on the way home”?
Maybe it would be from 6 to 6.30 or that kind of thing. Best if it could be on a fixed day - could even be (say) 1st and 3rd Wednesdays or suchlike.

We’d take it in turns to select/provide a bottle (and the donor would take any leftovers home for dinner!). Maybe some very minor nibbles (M&S canapés?!!) just to assist. I quite like the idea of trying to get a pair of wines so we can compare and contrast.

I guess the main risk is that not enough people can make it a regular event, although TBH, I’d be happy if it were just 2 or 3 of us!

I could open this up to members of the UK wine forum as well.


I’d be up for this, Alex. I am working in blackfriars so easy enough.


Unfortunately I’m too far to participate, but I might steal the idea with pride at work!


This is definitely a good idea but slightly tricky for me, as my wife and I share responsibility for getting back to relieve the nanny and unless I can persuade her that this doesn’t count as a night out then I might as well make an evening of it!

Assuming that issue is surmountable, I can be anywhere in the City by 6.30ish - can’t leave the office until 6 at the earliest, usually a bit later.

I like the suggestion of getting a couple of bottles and doing a mini-horizontal or vertical, as that’s the sort of thing that feels a bit serious for doing with non-wine friends.


This is a nice way to force as to try things outside our comfort zone.


So, Nick, at what time do you need to be home for it not to count as a night off?
And do you work that late even on Fridays?!
I was thinking that Friday actually works quite well for me - between 6 & 7 is a time I can do what I want with no repercussions…


Friday is a savvy suggestion actually - I rarely arrange other events on Fridays and as you suspected I’m more likely to get off work on time. Will discuss with Mrs A, but I reckon I could have a few glasses between 6(ish) and 7(ish) without much impact on the rest of the family.


I am going to propose to be in my office with a bottle or two of something vaguely decent/interesting THIS Friday - 15th Feb from about 6pm and out by 7pm. If anyone thinks they can make it, comment here, and pm me your mobile number if you have whatsapp.

Actually, if you can’t make it but would like to join a whatsapp group for this, pm me anyway.

My office is 32-38 Scrutton Street, EC2A 4RQ. It’s between Liverpool Street, Old Street and Moorgate. Old Street is marginally the closest of the 3.

I’m thinking of a South African white. Maybe Cartology 2015 or one of the Sadie Family field blends (if I can find it!)


I am Sweden for the rest of the week, but please do keep me in the group. 07918025523


If it’s not too last-minute to be convenient, I’d be very happy to come along. It sounds a really nice idea (and prompted me to sign up to contribute having lurked occasionally for a couple of months).


Sent you a PM, it’s not too late.
However, it’ll have to be As Sortes 2015, as that’s pretty much all I have here that’s suitable. Must restock the office “cellar”.

BTW, any other very last minute entries still welcome for this evening!