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Christmas wines



I know, I know! Its always too early to be talking about Christmas but it is now technically next month! I am not sure how everyone else plans for Christmas wine but I have been thinking and researching for a good month or so to be able to decide on what I want to open.

The issue last year is that I had 3 nice bottles that I wanted to try, however you are only ever near 1 bottle and get worried about the other bottles being finished before you are able to get to them (might just be me though!).

This year we are hosting Christmas for the first time (just moved into a house that can actually host people!) but I think I will just focus on 1 nice bottle and a few other ‘supporting’ bottles so to speak.

This thread is partly a ‘what are you planning on’ and also a ‘have you got any other suggestions’ thread, as I know there are some great wines I haven’t tried yet - already found some great wines from recommendations on this community.

Here are my thoughts so far:

Main bottle - Chateau Musar 09
Additional wines - Trenel - Fleurie, Louis Guntrum dry Riesling, Minervois - Chateau saint Eulalie, Navajas Crianza Rioja.
Champagne - The Wine Society Champagne
Back up sparkling - The Wine Society Samur Brut, The Wine Society Cava reserva
Port - I have a bottle of birthday year port that I will be opening but will also open a bottle of Wine Society LBV
Sherry - Society Exhibition medium sweet Oloroso blend

Might think about another white, maybe a white Burgundy but still deciding - do like to throw a curveball sometimes so might get a sparkling Shiraz or something :smiley:

Help - losing my love of wine!

@M1tch is that for one meal?!!


Yes to a Christmas thread! :santa::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow: Can highly recommend the Exhibition Sauternes to go with Christmas pud!


We have around 14 in total for Christmas day, things like the Port and Sherry would be opened in the week running up to Christmas quite a lot of that wine will probably go on Christmas day lol I think last year at my parents we got through 4 magnums!


I have 3 bottles of the 2010 Sichel Sauternes in the wine fridge, completely forgot to add that to the initial list!


Haha well they’re in for a treat then!

Christmas wine planning really begins the Christmas day before so it’s never too early.


Xmas Eve: Games evening at my friend’s place with (probably) Vegan food. I recently purchased this in his company and promised him we’d save it for that night. it’s not a WS purchase but it looks sensational! Suilven Adelaide Hill Chardonnay. I wanted something to really blow away my preconceptions about massive oz wines and the merchant in Leeds suggested this:


Also something not so grand but sounds lovely and luscious is this Portuguese falua reserva alicante bouschet tejo.

Xmas Day: Strictly coffee in the morning -_- though I may try and persuade a bottle of Hambledon to be opened.

We are having 2 massive steaks braised in madeira and shallots so I thought the Society’s Exhibition Pomerol would be a good choice!

Xmas pud or Tarte Tatin with Tokaji

There’s only the two of us so I may just open the Soctch if I still fancy a drop.

Boxing Day: Feel guilty…Then probably this…


Prior to Christmas itself, I have an annual university reunion Christmas Day, which me and my old housemates have every November. This year 8 of us are gathering for our fake Xmas day in a couple of weeks time.
I was asked to sort out wine for the day and was allowed £25pp to cover it.
I put together the following selection, and came in under budget!

Fingers crossed …

[EDIT: This covers a whole weekend btw. Not just a day! - just noted the volume looks ridiculous!]


Sounds like a good plan :slight_smile: will be interesting to see what the Chardonnay is like - at least its a food friendly wine!

What Tokaji are you planning on opening?

Also, I have some of the 16 year old special blend Whisky open, my wife enjoys single malt Whiskys but she also really enjoyed the 16 year old blended - rather good value considering its a litre!


I’ve really got no idea how to order for this Christmas. We’re not hosting at all, and will be visiting my family for a big lunch on Christmas Eve, and then we’re at a large gathering with the in-laws on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas Eve food will likely involve baked fish with tapenade, Christmas Day will be turkey, Boxing Day will be roast pork…

Although I’m not hosting, I’m planning to have a few bottles with me for each day, and obviously I will need to have some nice bits and pieces in store for the festive period. In terms of matching with the food, I’ve got the following in mind:

Cod and tapenade - albarino or godello, maybe? Possibly the Le Fraghe Bardolino - can’t think of any other reds that would work…
Roast turkey - Burgundy grapes all the way. Probably the Society white Burgundy, and maybe the Exhibition Marlborough Pinot
Roast Pork - Really no idea at the moment. I rarely get to eat pork as my wife’s not a fan, so I have no idea what to pair it with - suggestions welcome!


Well I’m placing an xmas order with ws next month so a nice tokaji or dessert wine will be on there + clearing some of the looooong wishlist i have accumulated.

For the scotch it will be a special edition lagavulin 16 year old with darker barrel roasting or oban little bay. I could include a cognac from the society!


Christmas itself we are at my inlaws with all the family. I think this year I will dig one of these out of reserves as the main wine to take over there


A bottle of TWS crusted port to have over the festive period is an almost dead cert as well, and a lot of people seem to be raving about the 16yr old blended whisky, so I think that’s also in the list.


I don’t have the full lineup decided yet, but on the back of the Community reviews on the press tasting and my strong desire to cook a goose this year, I already have the below in my wine rack waiting for the big day and glorious bird.

Wine to go with goose

Hi Mitch, my curveball would be to use some different suppliers. By restricting yourself to the WS you are missing some great wines.


To my shame I have taken a scattergun approach to this Christmas, by assembling a raft of terrific wines over the past months. I have drawn down on reserves, shipped Dead Arm 2001, bought in my 2, year on year Bordeaux favourites and availed myself of the better Rhône’s from the Society’s offerings. That and the staples like the WS Crusted Port, some Vargelas from elsewhere, sherries etc. My WS Christmas order this year has a value approaching the National Debt of a small country, (LoL😉) a little embarrassed “Yes,” but this is my hobby and in years past there was serious frugality. So, Sod It, no guilt to be found!!
Mid December, once we have agreed what will be on the menu, then bottles will be pulled to suit. I do squirrel away M&S Oudinot Champagne when they have it on a meal deal. It really improves with a years bottle age, but always a bottle of Vintage Bolly.
Very rarely during the year do I push the boat out except for birthdays , I could but I save it all up for Christmas. Quite a bit of time and research goes into the Festive assemblage, for example a pre - selected Christmas assemblage of a dozen or so bottles would be anathema to me, I want every bottle to have a personal connection. But there again, we cannot all be the same and if you as yet do not have the knowledge and the experience and are “time poor” then for the moment a WS essentials box with a few additional treats will do you just fine.
When you have an all abiding appreciation for the subject, as have I, then this is my time to enjoy and share.


I will be in Hungary for Christmas and will be enjoying Hungarian wines. I have some dry Furmint lined up… same grower same plot from 2003 and 2015 for some comparative tasting. Have not sourced the sparklers yet, but I expect them to be Furmint based from either the Tokaji region (Sauska) or Somlo (Kreinbacher), which is another fantastic region for dry whites. Reds will be from my native Szekszard, I stocked up considerably from the producer Schieber, who also supply some Michelin starred outfits.

In the UK I am looking to have a closer look at the following bottles:

… and some others


I love that more and more people I know are turning to English sparkling to kick off Christmas Day! :raised_hands: We haven’t decided on which one to have this year but in the past we had some gorgeous Nyetimber (I can’t remember the vintage - think it was an older one like 2003) and it was S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.

Also glad to see another fan of the Felix Swan Hill! :grinning:

Yes! We do this too - we call it Friendsmas and we LOVE it. A lovely tradition - and everyone always seems to bring a bottle of something special (which makes up for the fact I spend the weekend attempting to prepare - and keep warm - a whopping NINETEEN different elements for dinner in a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. :grin: )

Christmas dinner-wise, I don’t have a clue but my husband usually picks something for that - but I would love recommendations for special bottles to enjoy throughout the season - willing to spend more than I would normally (so probably £15-30) and looking for complexity and gorgeous balance - wines to sip without food and contemplate and enjoy with friends in front of the fire?


This is a good point, are there any that spring to mind? I have learnt to be cautious when looking to buy elsewhere as I know that the wines The Wine Society sell are always good and there is already a fairly good choice across regions.


Your local independent wine merchant.

They will specialise in a few regions (once they like) and will be more than happy to talk to you in depth and breadth about them. My local specialises in Burgundy, Greece and Tuscany.


Vin Cognito.


I am not sure I needed to know about them (financially speaking)… very intriguing selection of wines - this caught my eye… I had great roussanne from Jamsheed before.