Christmas Wine Gifts

Each year I pick a red and white to gift to work mates and business contacts.
Usually limited by my co-director (and brother) to about £10 a bottle

What would you suggest for this year?

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Totally under your budget, but these two are cracking good value:


Can’t disagree with Leah’s choices but I think I’d go for these.


Any of the above but slight preference for @Andy999 choice.

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Minervois St Eulalie

Society’s White Burgundy

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Can’t argue with choices above, but I’d play safer and match 2 exhibition bottles.

At offer price
And a resurgent SA pinotage

Love all the suggestions above too! These are two bottles I’m never without at Christmas, and always seem real crowd-pleasers:

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Could I possibly jump on this thread and ask for recommendations for sub £7 wines??
Its for a party so suggestions would be welcome, sorry @Russ, I hope you don’t mind, its kind of the same theme.

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Thanks two good suggestions, I’m interested in the Sicilian, but already used the Kumeu a previous year. It is good though.

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The minervois is a great wine, added to my maybe list.

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The petite sirah was my red last year. Can’t repeat myself, but it lovely quaffing
Those Talmard Macons are so consistent, it’s on the maybe list. Thanks.

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Sure thing! My go-to party wines are:

Both a bit obvious maybe, so sorry if not very helpful - I just love them and they always seem to please.

Just can’t get enough to these two, and am always stunned by how much quality and oomph you get for the price.


I would go for…

Quaffable, delicious, moreish… and

A versatile wine, excellent with food!

If you’re happy to push the budget a bit, then this one’s a winner too in my opinion:

Brilliant @laura, thanks for this. Because I usually buy at a higher price point its sometimes difficult to try and keep within a budget for a party :sweat_smile:

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I’m so grateful for the suggestion, please keep them coming.

One added note is that as I’m known as a wine buff/geek/nerd people often use my wines for Christmas lunch, so it’s not just a party wine per say.

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I would second the Laborie at that price point, or alternatively:


Latter is slightly above your price point though.

White more challenging at that price point I think, but this might be worth a shout?

The Cotes de Gascogne can be variable and I haven’t had the 2017 yet so not suggesting it.

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St Eulalie or the WS Sicilian Red. I’ve not known any red wine drinker not to like either of these. The latter was universally enjoyed at a tasting I did earlier this year.

Love the Talmard Macon!! I prefer it ever so marginally to Society’s White Burgundy…


I think this needs to go in my overflowing basket :hushed:

I don’t think you’ll regret @leah…its in the class of an aperitif which is so good that you are likely to forget that you should be nibbling as well !!