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Christmas Virtual Tasting #TWS Taste [29 November, 2017]



Announcing the next TWS Taste event just in time for Christmas (as requested)!

Last month we held our first virtual tasting in the community which continued the tradition of bringing together members to taste and discuss bottles on twitter. The TWS Taste events are fantastic opportunities to try something new, to share the experience with other members, and to do so from the comfort of home.

Christmas Virtual Tasting, 7-8pm, 29th Nov 2017

This month we will be tasting the following wines which are both perfect for the upcoming season:


  1. There is no need to sign-up, but leave us a comment to let us know you are thinking of joining in
  2. Add the wines above to your next order to make sure you have them in plenty time for the tasting
  3. Log into the community at the appointed hour to taste your wines (feel free to post images of your food matches to make us jealous)

We will share some further information on the wines and lead the tasting, just like a regular workshop, and everyone can leave comments with tasting notes, impressions, questions or even amusingly relevant animated gifs … your choice.

These are always fun, informal and entertaining events and a great way not only to taste new wines, but also to meet other members.

Best Bargains, Favourite wines and AOB

I’m hoping that some of our past participants, and those who missed it but mentioned they were interested in the next event, will be able to join us:

How about it: @szaki1974, @AlanBD, @Bargainbob, @Leah, @Croquetchris, @cgoldin ?


I like the line up, might need to bring forward and slightly amend my pending order…


In case this help with ordering, I have found out that both these wines will be included in the “Christmas at Home Mixed Dozen” case that will be available next week … in case you fancy trying a few other new wines at the same time as getting hold of the wines for the tasting

As soon as that case is live I will add a link to it here, but feel free to get just these two bottles on your own order instead, of course.


It’s in our diary and looking forward to it.

Wine also ordered for delivery this week.


Sounds good! I wasn’t planning to order again this month, as I’ve got some bits coming on Thursday, but I’m sure I can put together a small selection…


This is what is in my next order, very much influenced by this community, and it is coming 2 weeks early :slight_smile:

The Society’s South African Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch 2017
Penfolds Bin 138 Barossa Valley Shiraz Mataro Grenache 2015
Mussbach Spatburgunder Rose Muller Catoir 2015
Bourboulenc Coteaux de Narbonne Domaine de Simonet 2016
Parcelas Ecologico Monastrell Yecla 2016
Craft Brewery Focus Case
Pazo de Villarei Rias Baixas 2016
The Society’s Exhibition Fleurie 2016


Great! Better get an order in over the next couple days then :thumbsup:


Can TWS waive delivery for tasting orders?


sadly not - the same rules apply to all members for all orders, these are just fun events

however, there is a ‘free delivery trial’ for 6 bottle orders going on, so hopefully you can find other things you might need to top up on?


@szaki1974 The Spatburgunder is sitting in my wish list at the moment, have you any plans to drink it soon? Id like to know what you think of it…


This month most likely… It has been on my wishlist for a while


Got to put my own order in! Just firming up some extra wines for the Christmas period … :slight_smile:


I wonder if those who have taken part in one of these tastings in the past might leave a short testimonial here that we could use to encourage other members to join us? :slight_smile:

It would be something to encourage existing members of the community to take part, but we might also share with other members via our communications.

I’d love to hear about:

What you think of the TWS Taste events?
Are they worth joining?
What have you enjoyed about them?
What’s the best way to make the most of them?

thanks so much


Only a week to go so if you are planning on joining us, make sure you get your order in as this is a busy time and slots may be limited.

See you on the 29th?!


Looking forwards to it. Wines arrived yesterday.


I meant to start this poll last week to get an idea of numbers, but better late than never. So …

Will you be joining us on Wednesday for a Festive TWS Taste?

  • Yes, I will be tasting along with everyone
  • Yes, I will be watching, but sadly don’t have the wines
  • No, sorry - not this time
  • What is TWS Taste?

0 voters


Similar to last time, I might be a little late to the party, but the wines are both lined up already.


Unfortunately working late this Wednesday so won’t be around.


Hoping to join in.