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Christmas Stickies


Strictly speaking Stickies (dessert wines for anyone in the dark) are like dogs, “For life, not just Christmas” and I fully subscribe to that approach, but for many they are only seen during the festival of turkey and gifts… more’s the pity.
One of life’s joys for me is a post prandial sorbet and glass of dessert wine.

Whilst I like them I doubt I drink more than 5 or 6 half bottles a year and tend to chop and change regions and styles.

Recommendations are invited.

Tomorrow’s delivery includes a bottle of:


I completely agree. Stickies are an important part of your cellqand should not be neglected.


Agreed. Nothing like suddenly remembering that half bottle of Sauternes you’ve got burried somewhere and cracking it open at just the right time.

I’m looking forward to trying this with the leftover cheese board on boxing day.


It has to be Royal Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos for me everytime.


I agree 5 (or occasionally 6) Puttonyos Tokaji is my go to botrytis wine. If money was no object then this would be this sort of thing I’d drink:


Pedro Ximenez sherry tastes just like Christmas pudding. Its hard to drink it with anything else.


I love a Sauternes. Have never found anything to match it.

I had my first ever glass of Chateaux D’Yquem recently as the restaurant had it by the glass in the coravin system. So we decided to treat ourselves to a glass each. I think it was about £35-40 for a glass. Wow. It was quite something, although I don’t think it was so good I could ever justify buying a bottle over a something like a Suduiraut which is a fraction of the price but still stunning and special.


I have a 6 puttonyos Tokaji that I dip into from time to time… might also start the icewine that I got from the society recently. For me sweet snd fortified is the best use of the Coravin.


Can I suggest something a little less sticky but which I drank with a sorbet last weekend and which provided great balance:

I just love Muscat though - a grape you can start and end a meal with whatever the season.


This little chap was excellent value and I think would go brilliant with Xmas pud (as they say in their blurb) - it really is a glorious orange colour. Shame it now seems to be out of stock - I have 1 left for Xmas day and will probably serve it alongside a Barsac (Climens) for an interesting comparison.


There’s a 2011 Samos Anthemis available in 50cl bottles

The bottle in the first post is just that, a full bottle not the half I’d assumed :blush: more for me.:+1:

I’ve also got one of these for something a little different


It may be a touch younger but your 50cl find is at least a bit cheaper than mine! That Solera does look very interesting, and a great price for a little experiment…


Maury goes nicely with Garibaldi biscuits…


Splendid, I’m quite partial to a “dead-fly” biscuit, thanks for the recommendation.:+1:


Most welcome…:sunglasses:


Please let us know what you think of this Eiswein when you do try it. My wife has spotted this and it’s made it so far to the wish list…