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Christmas sparkling offer

Hi, is the sparkling offer that came out today the full Christmas offer or is there another later this month? Todays offer seems to be narrower than the normal Christmas sparkling offer

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Agreed - I’m hoping this isn’t the main offer as nothing is any better than 6 for 5 prices, which is pretty much available all year round.

I wouldn’t bet against there being some better Champagne offers in the next few weeks. However much the Champenois talk up prices.

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Last year the society promoted heavy advertising that we should order in November, then did a further sparkling offer in December. I was not impressed.

Some of these “marked down” wines have been like this for weeks, I bought 2 cases in early October and both were already at these case prices, so there hasn’t been any change .


@Aaronb That happened to me last year. I bought Champagne in November and then it was reduced further in December. Although fair play I was refunded the difference when I questioned it.

Whilst past performance is no guarantee of future etc…

2021 Nov 15th I bought a 6 case of TWS Brut Champagne (based on 2012 vintage) for £135
2020 Nov 13th was £140

2022 is currently at £179. and will be wonderful 'cos based on 2015 vintage (I think) Personally I’d wait a couple of weeks and see what happens ?

Unless you absolutely must have a particular brand - in which case by waiting you risk it being sold out.


Just for some other datapoints I bought:

  • 6x Nyetimber Brut Classic Cuvée NV on 16 Nov 21 for £135 (currently £192)

  • 6x Champagne Deutz Classic Brut NV on 11 Nov 20 for £150 (currently reduced to £230)

Whilst I’m not tied to any particular brand I am holding out for some better offers based on the last couple years (but appreciate there may well have been extra supplier support for heavier discounting last couple of years due to Covid).


I bought a case of Boizel in 2020 and 2021 for £150 both years. This was 6 for the price of 5 This year the full price for a case is £228 discounted to £190. That’s quite an increase.


Am hoping they do something similar this year for the Nyetimber, excellent value @ £22.50 a bottle.


interesting article in the Guardian which may explain why discounts are less generous than previously!

How much is just bluster and advertising I don’t know.


My god, what an irritating article! Almost quietly rejoices in its descriptions of how the 1% lives. “Explotion of wealth” and “roaring 20’s” indeed… Talk about adding insult to injury.
I think you might be right about ‘bluster’ and ‘advertising’.


Two things I find of interest. Champagne and fine wine have been around to buy regardless of COVID/Lockdowns as my cellar and this community are aware. Why the super richer would notice one difference to the next in any week over the last 2 years puzzles me unless they tend to only consume Champagne when dining out and could not go to a restaurant.

The second point in the article is GenZ buying luxury goods under 20. I would have found this hard to believe other than my wife’s god son at 19 on a zero hours contract bought a £1000 Gucci watch. He is now learning a lesson on managing his credit card debt and has removed his credit card payment from his mobile phone as he found it too easy to spend money. He will never be in the top 1% wealth but I hope his fascination on designer labels is tempered a little by his recent lessons in debt management. Alas I am sure he and the bottom 10% aided by easy credit are helping the luxury brands as much as the top 1%.


These stories come around quite regularly, don’t they? But there always seem to be good discounts available at Christmas.

This from last year

For anyone crossing to Calais, Lanson black label was £19.99 / bottle on Monday at the DFDS duty free shop.

Olivier Vins also has some independent champagne producers hovering just under €20/bottle

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What does everyone like from the current grower’s list?

My favourite Chartogne Taillet is long gone :frowning:

Does anyone know the current base vintage’s for the society’s bottles and mags?

FVD / Mr Wheeler usually discounts Nyetimber at this time of year and is currently 167.70 for 6 (singles are same price) Nyetimber Classic Cuvee, West Sussex/Hampshire | FromVineyardsDirect

Still at full price at Waitrose and Majestic


The top 1% is not millionaires and people with holiday homes in Monaco. Statistics say the top 1% earn from £160k year so he could get there working on a variety of fields.
On debt management there’s a lot he and millions of people can do to achieve financial stability.
The amount of people that buy luxury items and can’t afford the basics baffles me. A society of delusion.


I’ve had a Paillard (2012 base) with a couple of extra years on it and I remember it was lovely. Didn’t take a proper note at the time, but from that growers’ case it was one of the standouts (along with Chartogne-Taillet and Marguet Shaman).

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A Which? magazine tasting showed Tesco Finest Premier Cru as best among a selection of supermarket champagnes (with a few other brands included). Followed by Aldi PC and Lanson Le Black.

Best other sparkling wine was Aldi Cremant du Jura.

2 MWs were on the tasting panel.