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Christmas prepping.... Match for Vegetarian Haggis

Hi all, can I use the power of the forum to help decide my Christmas wine?

We’re going with Graham Campbell’s Vegetarian Haggis, shown on the Great British Chefs website. In essence, lentils, mushrooms, carrots, allium and pulses with a selection of spices (inc. cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice) and herbs (lots of thyme and rosemary). I’m expecting it to be quite powerful.

I’ll be raiding the home storage and can choose from quite a wide range although majority european. I need your help.

Many thanks

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it all screams southern Rhone to me!


There can be only one wine and it is European but will then not be European and then may well become European once again :


“There is a wine for every occasion*”. I wonder, do you have first hand experience of this enticing tincture?

  • But maybe not this wine, on this occasion…

Amontillado sherry with Haggis. :grinning:

That is the meat version. Or Oloroso. Or Palo Cortado. Anything oxidative.


Good call. I only have a few CNdPs to hand but I’m not finding them thrilling at the moment. My fault, not theirs. I’ve rather more from the North but not sure they’ll do. The spice made me think of Musar or Amarone. Oh hang on, now I’m thinking of Pinotage.

Adventurous. Like it.

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Its the best I’ve tried so far. We really like Haggis (admittedly supermarket-available ones) and have it several times a year. If you have it with neeps and tatties, you need something to keep up with the slight sweetness as well as the pepperiness, but also something with ‘guts’ (pun most definitely intended).

I’m not sure it’s really a wine thing, though.

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Yes we do. That’s okay - perhaps just for convivial fun at some point. Actually there is a bottle in our wine rack just now, waiting to be drunk with a veggie haggis and sausage cassoulet. For me I love the passion of the husband and wife winemakers and the whimsical nature of Rons wine notes and stories. The wines are often in the off dry category from what we have tasted, not too high in what I call acid but I believe wine makers prefer pH. I actually think this works really well because the slight sweet and very fruity tastes balances the often peppery sometimes spicy haggis. We don’t tend to get hung up on what wine when purely because I am hedonistic and want all my food and wine pleasures at the same time :joy: but when I do think about pairing I think of the Chinese and their desire for balance with salt, spice, sweet, sour and bitter. That’s why I recommend this wine because you have the salt and spice from the haggis, the sweet from the wine style, the sour from the bramble and the bitter edges from the oak leaf


Excellent reply. I doff my cap. I bought a bottle of one of their whites a couple of years ago. We thought it was pretty ok. Not a gimmick despite the name, recognisably wine adjacent and good enough to finish.
Back to my haggis, I like your suggestion that the wine should bring the sweet and bitter to the party. I’ll see if I have anything here which matches the profile of your Cairn O’Mhor. Thanks again.


Interesting recipe - sounds like a decent ‘cook ahead’ thing. I might make some and freeze them - needs a really rich onion gravey. This would be my choice of drink - I know it’s not wine but it is Christmas… followed by a snooze in front of a fire.

A bit left field but Alsace Gewürztraminer or even Pinot Gris could work.


Yes a nice peppery Rhone Syrah is where I’d be looking and have looked in the past for drinking with veggie haggies (bought not made myself :blush: I’m afraid!).

I will struggle to get a Gewürztraminer onto the table. My SO has opinions… PG is a possibility, as is a loire chenin I guess. Thank you

I have a feeling that once we’ve embarked on the process we’ll wish we’d bought rather than DiO. But Christmas is a time of hope so that’s what we’ll do. I like the peppery syrah idea (not least because I’ve got an ‘89 Hermitage to hand) but am still wavering. Maybe the off-dry whites are the way to go?

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Genius! Thank you @Brocklehurstj