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Christmas Ordering

Just noticed a new message on TWS site:
Only full unmixed cases or pre-mixed cases can be now delivered in the UK in time for Christmas. More information.

Thought it worth drawing peoples attention to it.


Yes I saw that earlier, will wait until after Christmas now, I have more than enough wines to enjoy


Yesterday you couldn’t select a post Christmas delivery date so I put into reserves


Glad my own mixed case came today.

Why so busy this year I wonder? Continual drive for new members and people to book early filling the slots up? Increased demand due to covid?

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It cannot be Brexit… can it? :wink:


Oh no… Can the society be blamed in a case of matricide… Placed order yesterday… Wanted delivery way into back end of January but it wasn’t possible so I placed in reserves… Get a text your delivery is coming tomorrow…
Not sure swmbo is going to be placated


Just wondering when is acceptable to start cracking in to the Christmas wines ?? Asking for a friend … :roll_eyes: obvs ! :joy:


I think I started on ‘The Christmas Wines’ about the 20th March this year :joy:


Once you’ve heard Wizard or Wham in the shops, anything is fair game!


Mmmm. There goes my basket full of WS white wines for Christmas…

(Particularly annoying as I only didn’t put it through this morning - prior to the restrictions - as I was waiting on a response from Members Services about another order to reserves!).

Where else are folk buying wine from these days then? Majestic? Yapp?

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Local independents.

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Any time from 26th December 2019 :upside_down_face:


There’s a good chance that my favourite moment of 2020 was seeing that announcement appear on the website several hours after I placed a last minute order


I fear chaos rains somewhat on deliveries for most companies. I’m due a delivery today which I’m sure I booked as a WS driver ( though can’t be certain). I received a DHL tracking number yesterday. A little surprised but thought maybe I didn’t check when ordering. Annoyingly the DHL tracking now says my delivery is delayed and will arrive “next working day”. Monday then?

So don’t book anything from anyone for a delivery date of 24th if you don’t have alternate options.

Well, that’s annoying. Replenished most of my basics but didn’t get any specials, thinking I still had time to put a Christmas Order in.

I suppose we were warned.

Perhaps a full or half case of something I know I like already is the way forward here.

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I had something along those lines regarding a reserves pull - a WS van delivery which turned into a Courier 2 days later. I’ve been really getting back into managing my cellar recently (lockdown boredom I expect) and have made perhaps 7 orders since November and everything has turned up just fine, including the delayed one. They’re doing a magnificent job in Stevenage as far as I can tell. Where I am seeing more problems is Royal Mail, loads of things taking way longer than they should.


And please don’t throw rocks at me, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for those who have left it THIS LATE!
Is this the first year, that we have NOT had a draw for bottles of Champagne :champagne: for those who ordered early? Or did I miss that?? :+1: :dragon:

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I might be wrong but I think it stopped a couple of years ago.

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Whilst I somewhat agree, a broad road map might have been nice.

Publish it in November and warn that the plan will be to switch to unmixed whole cases for ordering if demand becomes to strong. I think the first people heard of this plan was when it was annouced and it is not that late for ordering really.


Funnily quite a few Bordeaux Magnums have been added today, wondering who would want those for January…