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Christmas order 2019


Hi all,

It is getting to the time of the year that I need to put in my one of 2 orders. Some of you may be aware already but I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands and so we only get 2 deliveries a year, a “summer” delivery and a “winter” delivery. The deadline for the winter one is coming up at the end of the month and so I am looking at getting some wines ordered. Annoyingly a lot of the winter wine focused offers come after I have made my order so I was looking to the collective knowledge of the community for suggestions. Any and all priced wines will be considered from the low end to the (not quite) top end and this also goes for styles of wine (although I am pretty well stocked on light reds from the summer order). I would say my favourite wines I have had from the society to date have been the Xinomavro wines from Thymiopoulos as a pointer.

Thanks very much in advance!



The new vintage of the Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo is in stock right now… the 2017 was a revelation and by the sound of @laura’s write up the 2018 clears the bar set easily. Also available in magnum.


Thanks. A friend who I usually share the order with is an avid Decanter follower and put forward the below as potentials after their write ups in Decanter. Does anyone have any experience of these?

Again thank you for any help you can offer


No Bordeaux in that list! I’m a huge Bordeaux fan. Take a look at this search I ran:
It’s a search on red Bordeaux 2009-2010. So from two of the best recent but now mature vintages. There are some real crackers in that list.


From my experience - and this is only my opinion…

The Schlumberger Gewurz is utterly lovely - one I keep going back to, though there are probably more complex ones out there. But it’s a wine that always fills us with a joie de vivre! Great with roast pork!

The Cinsault is a perfect, lighter red - and very food friendly. I wrote a review for it on the website, so won’t repeat here - but I definitely recommend.

The Bohorquez is a no-brainer. Powerful, but also well-structured and stylish. Their ‘lesser’ wine - Momo - is also fantastic, and offers excellent value for money.

The Pazo de Villarei is a text-book Albarino - zesty, saline, peachy, fresh… Just beautiful, and will be a great match to fish, or any seafood starters you may have over xmas.

The Camel Valley Bacchus is an excellent example of the grape - all English hedgerow, but also a bit ‘rounder’ and riper than examples I usually like, due to the great 2018 summer.

Haven’t tried this specific Cremant du Jura - but you can’t really go wrong with it. It’s always a whistle-clean, bone-dry and moerish fizz.

Hope this helps :grinning:


The Galoupet is superb - I served it at a dinner a couple of weeks ago. Great value and I suspect will be better still in 3-4 years.

At the same dinner we had the 2017 Vajra (in magnums) suggested by @szaki1974 - that was very good too but eclipsed by the Burlotto equivalent. Personally, I preferred the 17 Vajra to 16 and is again very good value.

I don’t think TWS have offered the Burlotto yet - suspect it might pop up in the Christmas list as it has been offered elsewhere already.


Have a look at the thread ‘Press Tasting- Autumn 2019’ . @Polly, @Aaronb and myself were invited along as community members to this tasting for the wine press last week. The Society put on a selection of its very best wines at all prices. Some of the wines will only be released from 4th November but I am sure you will find some gems among the wines we tasted.


Don’t miss the South Africa wines. From those currently in stock, I can recommend Alheit, Thorne and Daughters, Van Loggerenberg, Lourens, Thistle & Weed and Newton Johnson as producers that really stood out at the tasting last month.


You won’t regret going for the Bohorquez 2009 and the Pazo de Villarei Albarino. Both are wonderful!


Thanks everyone I went for the below. I also put in for the Bohorquez 2010 in the En Primeur offer so hopefully I will get that as well.

The reds will have to come out of current stock which given the amount of En Primeur I have bought recently will be replenished soon enough.