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Christmas & New Year drinking thread 2018



It’s here FINALLY ! The last official working day before Christmas! Otherwise known as “Mad Friday” (except for those poor sods who have to work Christmas Eve!)
Anyway, seeing as it’s now OFFICIALLY Christmas, post all your beautiful bottles here to create jealously, longing and inspiration !
For me Christmas doesn’t really start until tomorrow evening when Mr. Leah will hopefully make it home …( I’m not counting my chickens with 3flights in the mix…)!
So, who’s drinking what this Mad Friday ? And with whom ?
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Weekend drinking thread 21st - 23rd December 2018

We’re off to a lovely Brighton pub tonight, for a xmas meal with very close friends. Methinks I shall start the evening with an Amontillado - which will hopefully go with a game terrine:

Me and the other good lady will hopefully share a bottle of this Planeta white blend:

Will probably finish with some port and cheese:


Happy it’s-almost-Christmas-Friday, all! :partying_face::clinking_glasses:


No wine on the cards tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be seeing my folks to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. One of the most splendid of our genetic overlaps is a shared love of nutty, old-school white Rioja, so I’m taking this fella along with me.

Have a great weekend, all!


Champagne cocktail tonight to accompany a smoked salmon with a Jura whisky glaze.
The game and duck liver pâté terrine is baking and filling the room with delicious scents.
Been dusting off and polishing the festive bottles for next week and maybe this weekend too, though will have Monday to get through (eventually).
Merry Christmas everybody…


All these lovely comestibles you keep teasing us with are delightful, but I do wonder where you live, is it Cholesterol Close ? :rofl:


Very little bad cholesterol in smoked salmon- lots of good oily fish lipids. Creme fraiche and horseradish doesn’t have to be too fatty.
Game too is very lean and duck fat has good properties too.
All home made so only the finest selection of ingredient :yum:
Live it up!


I’m continuing the Friendsmas prep all night tonight (did the gravy, bread sauce and red cabbage last night, and it’s stuffing, the veggie main and cheese straws tonight!) with the leftovers of this in a glass by my side as I cook:

But tomorrow for the main event, I’m looking forward to whatever vinous treats my lovely guests are bringing (they always very kindly bring some gorgeous bottles!) but we’ll also be starting the night with this:

and ending it with this:

With various bottles in between!

Can’t wait to see what else you’re all opening! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Agreed! I think perhaps the potted Stilton may be a bit less ‘healthy’ though…but, once a year and all that.


Boys’ night in with my son tonight, wife was out for lunch and out again tonight so steak and chips for us. Probably a Crozes Hermitage for me, and he will be on beer I think…


I didn’t have any of this last night, as I was still full of lurgi, but there’s a bit left, all for me this evening as the other half has to work tomorrow morning and never drinks on a school night:



The palate doesn’t quite deliver what the nose promises, but all in all a nice mid-week £8er.

About an inch left in the glass, then I’m gonna open something a bit more appropriate for the business end of the festive season, for tonight and tomorrow…


Picked up one in Costco this afternoon , definitely think this will be opened on Sunday :wink:


We always like to eat some spicy asian food as a contrast to traditional Christmas stuff. One of our favourite dishes tonight Chilli Tofu:

Love off dry Riesling with this and tonight it’s this:

And as a treat will open this up after eating:


Now in Alsace until the New Year, and what better way to kick off Christmas in Alsace than a choucroute?

The wine is riesling “Les Fossiles” 2014 from Mittnacht Frères. Really good for a classique, and now showing quite a lot of minerality; more so than fruit, in fact.

And for after dessert, a glass of this:

Ernest Burn Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Goldert 2009. Nectar. Nothing more to say.


Off-dry riesling with spicy food is definitely a good match, with enough acidity. This sounds great.


Covonia cough mixture… And cheapish Ruby Port. Fletchers (Aldi)…heading towards the land of Nod !!


Opened this lovely wine last night, when it seemed a little tight, but WOW!, what a difference 24 hours makes - the first thought I had when sniffing tonight’s glass was warm, Camp coffee - amazing aroma!

I also rate this winery’s Pinot Noir - delicious.

Happy Christmas to one and all!


For this evening, a 2006 Grand Puy Lacoste from TWS. Drinking beautifully with a roast shoulder of lamb :slight_smile:


I have not had a proper meal for 3 weeks, in an unconsciously Welsh Presbyterian way, making room in mind and body for the excesses of the Festive Season. I have not gone hungry, far from it but no indulgences whatsoever. And no alcohol again ce soir. Why not, I forgot to open something, which sounds odd but I promise you, absolutely true!?!:grinning:
My point of opening up the gates to gorgeous food and wine will be 7.00 pm on Monday evening starting with some local lobster and either a Bottle of White Hermitage or Champagne or even Chablis and seeing where that takes us. :wink::wink:
I make a fuss of Christmas every year, for Charities that I support, to my friends and also for me. I even buy myself a Christmas present every year, that I know no one else might think of giving me, (because I am impossible to buy for) this year a Panasonic Breadmaker and a case of Racines '16.
Wishing you all a Terrific Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. :smile::smile:


Kicked things off yesterday with a celeriac remoulade and ‘Society’s Cava’, rib of beef with ‘Madiran Cuvée Auguste Vigneau, Domaine Pichard 2004’ and cheese and Dow Crusted Port 2002. Senses dulled by a persistent cold, but all of the above showed well. Never haf a Madiran before. Really enjoyed it and thought it good value and still fairly lively.


As we are now within the festive season a word of warning, do not drink and drive…