Christmas lineup

Is it too early for this?

Mine will include


This is the only definite so far:

I like your 2012 gloire de mon grand pere idea, tempted to take mine out of reserves but I’ll probably end up with an old Thalabert instead.

Just us and the kids this year so not opening too much, just a few nice things lying around.


Veuve Clicquot vintage 2012. (snapped up for £35 in Tesco’s spring sale)

Ilha do Pico ‘Frei Gigante’, Pico Açores 2018 (Bin end, TWS Stevenage)

López de Haro Classica Gran Reserva, Rioja 2004 (my red wine of the year)

Half bottle of Château Cantegril, Barsac 2017 (recent Bordeaux tasting, will waken up even the most jaded of post-festive palates)

Wines to be spread out from Xmas eve through to boxing day. Plus a pint or two of Black Sheep Xmas day at the pub, whilst lunch is in the oven.

Then Dry January beckons :frowning:


We’re at my sisters for Christmas day, I’ve been commissioned with “wine for the main”. Has to be a magnum (my rules, not anyone elses). We’re having beef… Has to be a magnum of Bordeaux.

L’Aurage 2016 was the nicest wine we had while in Bordeaux in September. C&B have it in magnums. Job done.

I have a feeling the rest of the wine will be coming from stuff I have stashed in her actual cellar.


The A La Gloire de Mon Grand Pere 2012 is in a great place right now. So great we have got through 3 bottles in the last few months. I always regret buying great wines in less than 12s - this is a perfect example. Absolutely ready (IMO) and while it may evolve I can’t imagine it being “better” than it is right now. Unlike the 2010 which is still, for me, needing time.


Good to hear. Especially as I suspect most, if not all, of our guests will be drinking the white Vacqueyras with their turkey while yours truly has the Ch9dP tucked away at the end of the table. (It will of course be available to all, but guests and wines have been carefully selected😉)


The Clos de Cazeaux Vacqueyras Blanc? It’s become a bit of a No Brainer™ turkey wine at wherever I’ve been having Christmas dinner for the past few years.


I haven’t got the 2012 of this, but see my note on the 2010 in the last weekend drinking thread. It’s getting there. I do have a couple of CNdP 2012 and the St Cosme Gigondas all of which are drinking very well just now.

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Yes, the vieilles vignes in magnum. As recommended by the grower for special occasions.

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I have to agree with him, and you, on this one. Always one of the most talkative growers at any TWS walk around he’s at too. I can almost envision him flying over to go to non-Rhone ones himself too.

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In Hungary with the broader family, for me, most probably (all already purchased of course)…

Kreinbacher Extra Brut NV - a new sparkler from this stable
2021 Pannonham Foapatsag Prior White (Riesling) - One of my favourite Hungarian white wines I keep coming back to
2016 Vida Hidaspetre Kekfrankos from Magnum - a new one for me and from a Magnum, should be interesting
2020 Pannonham Foapatsag Infusio (Cabernet Franc led Bordeaux blend)) - infanticide on this, 5 more purchased for laying down

A bottle of Vosne Romanee with goose or duck on either side of the break while in the UK.


Still at the long list stage. This is the provisional 12 bottle case. There are 6 of us (+visitors) and it won’t all get consumed!


  • Gusbourne Est, 2018


  • Dm Belle Crozes-Hermitage, 2018
  • Leflaive Oncle Vincent, 2017
  • Riesling, poss. Grosset Polish Hill, 2013, but this was completely closed down earlier this year, so maybe not


  • Muga Prado Enea, 2005 and/or CVNE Imperial Reserva 2010
  • Dm Thalabert Crozes-Hermitage, 2005
  • Dm de Roquette CNdP, 2010 and/or Ch de Bouscasse Madiran, 2010

Fortified & sticky

  • Grahams LBV, 2015
  • La Bota 52 Palo Cortado
  • Ulysse Sauternes

This is the least thought-out Christmas drinking plan compared to previous years… not entirely sure why, but my mind seems to be on other things. There is also Channukah to celebrate between the 18th and 26th of December, so still in planning phase over here… In any case, the following are probably going to make an appearance at some point:

(The 2018 in our case)

… then again, nothing is firm yet! :smiley:


Can anyone recommend an online supplier of the very finest Gammon? a tidy joint of a few lbs, but definitely something better than your supermarket pink porker? smoked would be a bonus but not essential.

The Lapin Daughters have decided that Christmas dinner shall be Gammon. With roasted veg of all kind - an emphasis on roasted potatoes because allegedly I failed two years ago through ‘nipping out to the pub’ and forgot to put them in the oven. The shame haunts me still.

Gammon is a very fine thing for Christmas, thoroughly wine friendly. And it becomes a sort of ham when cold the next day with pickles and more wine etc.


My mum always used to buy from here, always delicious on boxing day. I’m getting mine this year, as all my meat now, from here. Not tried their gammon yet though, so can’t vouch for it just yet…

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Starting to long list here for my parents christmas dinner (not actually on the day itself as we’re away at parents inlaws).

A seafood starter

Rustenberg Five Soldiers
Crystallum Agnes (need to check-in on the current vintage to decide)

Followed by a beef wellington dinner

Château Bahans Haut-Brion 2006 (one of the recent odds and ends that appeared on the TWS list)
San Leonardo 2015 maybe a little early for this
Torre Muga 2010

Leaning towards the Bordeaux due to its age. Any tips advice welcomed.

I think I’m planning Christmas earlier than usual this year. Perhaps it’s because the children seem to start their Christmas activities super early. It can’t help but rub off.

Anyone else made any nice plans and whittled down their short lists?


I’m not in charge of the family Christmas this year, but me and my friend do a Christmas tasting menu before the day. This years is looking particularly tasty, perhaps because he’s doing most of the cooking this year! :slight_smile:

Cod Loin with Buttered Leaks
2013 Crémant de Loire Rosé - from Domaine Cryrille Sevin(Google Maps). Near Romorantin, a very small producer who ages the wine on the lees, in the case of the rosé, for 7 years (6 for the white)! Before then going through the second fermentation at the vineyard (this often happens in Champagne for smaller cremant producers in the Loire), and all for about 10,50 euros. I would urge anyone nearby to give it a go if you’re nearby.

Roasted courgette, halloumi & pancetta with pesto
Rosé de Xinomavro, Thymiopoulos 2013 Had the 2007, which was great. Second of three great rosé’s for this tasting.

Chicken Supreme A brilliant wine, drinking young at the moment, I have a case in reserves awaiting it’s maturity. At the moment, an off dry but fine light red burgundy.

Beef Wellington
Friend is producing a good 2016 Barolo. It’s a mystery, but sure it’ll be delicious.

Mac & Cheese - bored of a cheese board, we’re going to try something a little different. This was terrific when I had a bottle in the summer. Full of slightly sour/sweet tobacco, integrated tannin, and still plenty of fruit inside that old leather shoe. Delicious.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Really not thought too hard about what I’ll drink Christmas Day …. It’s just me and the 2 kids this year , not forgetting the hound :dog:. I have a Beaucastel Cndp blanc which I need to find and that’s definitely a contender and also some Champagne to open presents with … will decide closer to the time …. (Probably Christmas Eve) :joy:!


I’m still deciding but probably a Kabinett Trocken for gravlax and canapés, followed by Johner Enselberg Pinot Noir for week long pickled Sauerbraten with mash and Finnish swede bake.


Placed my order this morning.

For bubbles in the morning I’ve found bottle NV Bollinger tucked away that’s actually left over from 2021’s Christmas Champagne Savings Case (amazed its survived this long).

For dinner we’re having cold seafood platter to start which I’ll serve with a Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Château Mont-Redon 2021. I’ve ordered a couple of special reds to serve with Christmas dinner (which is of course classic turkey and ham with all the trimmings). These are a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Clos des Papes 2013 and a Chateau Musar 2009 which I’ve never had before but read it pairs very well with a Christmas dinner.

Finally a Casa Ermelinda Freitas Moscatel de Setúbal to go with the Christmas pud!