Christmas hamper wine recommendations?

Oh my Goodness! You guys are the best!! Such great ideas!! I had thought of doing fudge in the slow cooker and would LOVE the whiskey fudge recipe @hugofount? @laura, yes please for a cranberry sauce recipe too , such a good idea.
Thanks so much @MarkC, I’m definitely going to try this this week and see how I get on with it before re-making it for the big event hampers.

What a brilliant idea, @Leah! And one that I enjoy making for special people in my life too.

One of our favourite snacks is Chipotle-spiced nuts, baked with maple syrup and orange juice. Whenever I make them (at Christmas or at any other time) they are the first snack to be decimated. I’ll dig up the recipe when I’m back home. You can make a batch, then put it in nice little containers/purse-style cellophane bags once they are fully cooled.

As to wine, it’s SO difficult to decide, but here are some suggestions:


And red:

Could go on forever, of course… but won’t! :wink:

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Thanks @Inbar, sounds like a great addition to the hamper… looks like I will be pretty busy :joy:. The wine suggestions are fab too.

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@Leah You could do something like grapefruit or lime/lemon marmelade, but the true Seville Orange version would have to wait until January, so… how about the most perfect lemon curd? Would need to be be chilled in the fridge and added to the hamper at the last minute (and assume that the hamper would be soon delivered), but it’s gorgeous and feels festive. Takes just over 1 hour for 3 big jars - I will publish the recipe if interested?

@Inbar, this is fabulous!!! Thank you :pray:. @VinoVeritas can you only make marmalade with Seville oranges ? The lemon curd sounds like a great idea too thanks .

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@Leah It can be made with a sweet orange, but you tend to miss out on the bitter edge and intense orange flavour that the Seville’s make. These also have more pectin which helps achieve a better set. I have only made marmelade with Seville oranges, but it’s worth trying with the ‘normal’ type - just add some pectin and a couple of lemons too. Lime marmelade is quite an effort - very little juice from such small fruit!

I will post the Lemon Curd recipe this evening. I think it’s easier, quicker and addictively delicious - just needs keeping in the fridge.

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Red…Maby Lirac

White…Macon Villages…Talmard

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Dont forget the rum butter!


Well funnily enough @JayKay



Well … here it is ! The “Community” hamper with all your lovely recipes which I wholeheartedly appreciate it . @Herbster toffee apple vodka, @JayKay rum butter, @laura port and cranberry sauce, @VinoVeritas lemon curd and also the suggestion of marmalade which I made. I’ve also put in my garam masala and balti paste along with a recipe to make, honeycomb, chutney and a Christmas cake (which to quite honest nearly killed me :see_no_evil:)… plus 2 lovely bottles from TWS. I didn’t get round to the spiced nuts @Inbar not the pancetta @MarkC, but I will be making them both for myself . Thank you all again :christmas_tree::kissing_heart:


Terrific effort Leah, and who is going to be the lucky recipient:drooling_face:


This looks absolutely fantastic, @leah! :+1::+1: what a great present to receive! Lucky people…! :grinning::ok_hand:

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I’ve done 4 hampers and 1 cake for us to keep. They are going to the MIL, the sis in law, Mr.Leahs Aunt and cousin… please remind me next year How much work was involved :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::rofl::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


50p says you’ll forget just how much work it took, ten months from now, and do it all over again!

Like having a second child :open_mouth:


Really impressive festive effort @Leah! You must really love the people you are gifting these hampersto :heart_eyes_cat:

Agree this is a serious effort, well done! Makes my jars of chutney look a bit paltry! :slight_smile:

@Leah … Please let us know when you decide to open the business and start taking orders for next Christmas.