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Christmas Fine Wine List

… has landed :smiley:

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Damn…spending again.


Greek Magnum case in reserves! 59 remaining…


Could I ask about the 73 Fonbadet? I did ask in another thread as well…but if good, I don’t want to miss out

I am taking a punt here, @Petsco. I trust that, when the re-corking exercise was done at the Chateau, they re-tasted it and updated the tasting notes.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, when it comes to wine, but I am willing to take the risk.


Matthew Horsley seemed to think so here.

It’s a shame my brother is tee-total, 1981 is his birth year :frowning_face:

you could celebrate for him!


I have seriously been considering it!


actually, don’t want to derail a sensible thread…

Hi @laura, apologies if already flagged but noticed a small typo in the vintage title for this lovely wine.

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The ‘73 is probably as good as it’s ever going to be :+1: You know that you’re buying this aged-wine from a reputable reseller, who takes care in the wine they choose, and not from some brokers auction site. Genuinely I hope this has all those wonderful benefits of an aged Bordeaux :pray:


How many Imperials and double magnums do they have?

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5 and 15

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