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Christmas Drinking 2020

If I had a few hundred spare £s kicking around looking for a home all 3 of those would be on order.

Ooooh, nearly forgot this

Is it obvious I’m getting you to buy my wish-list to save me from bankruptcy?


I am very tempted to go for the magnums instead. Although it is likely me that will be consuming the majority of it as my wife takes one glass so that could be dangerous.

In terms of what I have in the order I have

12 x Rapsail Ay
6 x Thalabert
6 x Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes

I am tempted to double up on the 2nd two.

Then from my own quick peruse of the website, I am tempted by the '09 Grand Puy Lacoste, the 2014 La Dauphine and the 2016 Commanderie (although I have no experience of the later 2).

I might get involved in the Champagne offers on top of that. Then there is the other Rhone wines, my friend who sometimes shares some of my order and so has also lost out has suggested

Soumade Rasteau 2017
Jaboulet Ventoux 2019
Grignan Delas 2019

I have no experience of any of the above but being Rhone they are probably lovely.

Decisions, decisions. Dangerous on the wallet making these decisions on the fly!

Thanks for all your help so far!


Have to order full cases, apparently I wouldn’t have been able to order the barbaresco mixed case even. Which makes no sense to me as it must be sent from Italy in bond to the UK. But there you go.

No but it might get you some recompense like a couple of free bottles…which is sounds like you would be entitled to in this case.

Oh wow, you can’t even buy the pre-mixed cases? That’s really tough, now I can appreciate why you need to prioritise the longer drinking windows.

Yes and only 2 deliveries a year on top of that. It means the society is an additional source of wine rather than the main source. Although it still seems to be getting more and more of my money!

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This is excellent and an excellent price. On the drier side of Kabinett if you like German Riesling, drinking to 2029 easy


Sounds right up my street. Thanks vm!

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Playing the “Devils Advocate”, I do wonder how much it costs the Society to send cases to locations such as yours?
Of course, it is far cheaper to deliver to closer locations and I do think that like with Letter Post, there are and should be “swings and roundabouts.”
Delivery to Skye, the Shetlands or indeed the Channel Islands must be far, far more expensive, and I can understand that restrictions might be made to curb costs.
Can you tell us what commercial companies charge per case, just out of interest?? :+1: :dragon:

Hi Taffy,

I can tell you exactly how much it costs the society to deliver to me. Zero. They pass on all the cost to me. So in fact it costs them more to deliver wine to you than it does to deliver wine to me.

The restrictions are around duty and VAT. The wine has to be in bond otherwise it would result in me paying duty and VAT twice.

The cost at the moment (which has gone up as the other shipping company went bust due to coronavirus) is £14 per 12 bottles (of the same wine - e.g. if i order a case of 6 it still costs £14) plus 1% of the duty. So basically £14! Previously it was £6.70 for 12 which would be prorated down for cases of 6 to £3.35.


I really appreciate that.
The virus has had a knock-on cost to you, which is a shame.
Hopefully, when life goes back to some sort of normality, costs can recede back to lesser levels.
The Bond issue was one that I had no idea about or even if or how(?) Brexit will impact you.
This is one of the best bits of having the WS Community, where we can all learn about others lives and situations!! :+1: :grinning: :dragon:


How are you with Rioja? The Cubillo and Tondonia are both really good prices as is the Viña Real.

Also from Spain I’ve not tried

but really want to and it should have a far longer drinking window than advertised

If you can afford a case of the GPL 2009, it gets my warm recommendation - I tried a glass earlier this year and then bought a couple of bottles from L&W. Would’ve got a couple from TWS if I hadn’t already purchased.

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It’s in there

For those interested I ended up going for the following.

Gigondas, Domaine Raspail-Ay 2016 12
Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2014 6
Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Pauillac 2009 6
Xinomavro, Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2019 12
Rasteau Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, Domaine de la Soumade 2017 12
Jean-Marc Brocard, Vignobles Sainte Claire Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2019 12
Château Reynon Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux 2018 12
Bacharacher Hahn Kabinett, Toni Jost 2018 12

and I also got the below out of reserves.

La Rioja Alta Seleccion 874 Reserva Rioja 2016 12
Meerlust Estate Rubicon Stellenbosch 2017 6
Tonschiefer Dry Slate Riesling Donnhoff 2018 6
Bohorquez Reserva Ribera del Duero 2010 6

Thanks for your help


Awesome, party at @Mike’s!


Lovely selection of goodies.

I think the fact that you can still get Vina Real Gran Reserva for £20 is remarkable, it was that price 20 years ago when it was at the same price point as CUNE Imperial Gran Reserva, the Imperial price as taken off in recent years but this has stayed the same. Got 30 years of development ahead of it. Hands down the Best Buy of the bunch of Riojas referred to above in my view.


Agreed! 2010 was such a good year in Rioja as well, making it even more of a bargain than it usually is at that price.