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Christmas Drinking 2020

I sent the Donnhoff case to reserves and the Pepe Mendoza Moscatel for delivery… that should be it from this list.


Some advice please:

Looking at a few odds and ends of stuff that I haven’t tried before and I would appreciate some views of this fine community.

Jurançon Sec, La Canopée, Domaine Cauhapé 2016
Have had the Geyser and loved it so is most likely going in the basket.
Anyone had it? 15% abv is a thumper!

Raats Family Cabernet Franc, Stellenbosch 2017
Do like a ripe Cab Franc and this sounds great.
@peterm any thoughts?

Somloi Hárslevelű, Kolonics 2017
@Leah @szaki1974 ??

Petite Arvine Val d’Aosta, La Crotta di Vegneron 2019
@Inbar - think I’ve seen you talk about this before?

ALL - Please feel free to offer any thoughts even if I’ve not @ tagged you.

Koyle Cerro Basalto Garnatxa 2018
Côtes du Roussillon Blanc Coume Marie, La Préceptorie 2018
Vacqueyras Grenat Noble, Clos des Cazaux 2015
Kékfrankos Reserve, Heumann 2016
Barolo Bussia Silvano Bolmida 2011

Anyone had any of the above 5?


Not tried the Canopée, but thought both the Geyser and Chant de Vignes were very good. Mind you they were only a wimpy 14% iirc.

Had 2 bottles of Coume Marie 2017 this year (Apr and Oct) and one last year, and I enjoyed the last one significantly more than the other two, and the first one the least. So, imo, it does benefit from a bit of time.

I’m sure Peter will know more about the Raats than I do.

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Happy to share my thoughts… Petit Arvine, in general, is a fabulous varietal in my opinion, though most of the examples I’ve tried were Swiss. Having said that, this one from Val d’Aosta is a lovely example - not overly complex or demanding, but a very enjoyable wine with good flavours and a pleasant mouthfeel. The 2018 was perhaps a little lacking in acidity and a tad too round for my liking, so hope the 2019 will be a little more focused. It’s a great wine to have with fish - and it’s certainly going in my basket.

@NickFoster also likes this wine, I think - so may have something different to add.

Incidentally, I’ve got the Kékfrankos coming next week too - and although I haven’t tried this particular one I think it’s worth a punt. I love the grape (especially with a bit of bottle age), and Heumann is a good producer, so it was a no brainer for me.

Same with the Hárslevelű - a grape that hit the right spot for me a few months back (a different producer, though). Having enjoyed Juhfark from the same producer, I can’t imagine the Hárslevelű won’t be a good one. But @szaki1974 will probably have more info.


Cape CF can be excellent; Bruwer Raats is the man with the reputation for the variety (though making CF as a single varietal was pioneered by Norma Ratcliffe at Warwick Estate).
Raats 2017 gets 5 Platter stars

Complex, showing sense of place, masterly restraint. 17 is expressive yet lean & refined. Earthy, leafy, with iodine & mulberry infusions, olive tapenade, finely integrated oak. Standout example in the SA industry. 18 months in 300L French oak, 25% new

I also saw that and added it to my next order. I’ve really liked the Petite Arvines I’ve had, they’re rare in this country, and I’ve not had one from the above winery.

BUT - get in fast with making and paying for your order. Delheim’s Wild Ferment Chenin which I was recommending and which I’d listed in my next order had a red cross and out of stock next to it when I went to my account… :frowning_face:


Yet to try it, but will do on 12 November and so will others on the Community, hopefully not too late for tasting notes. Harslevelu is a good grape and if you liked the Juhfark from the same winemaker then you will probably like this one, too. 2017 is considered an exceptional vintage in Somló I am led to believe.


I’ve tried this Petit Arvine too. The first two vintages were great, 2016 and 2017. I would probably be a bit harsher than you about the 2018, which I thought was a bit blowsy and the lack of acidity doesn’t suit this wine at all. If 2019 is back on form, it would certainly be worth buying.

It tends to sell out quickly though so don’t wait too long.


Think I missed the 2018. have enjoyed other vintages, certainly not being Swiss means that its a good (relatively) cheap introduction to a great variety. Certainly worth a punt imo!


Even more inspiration in a few videos from the buyers… hard to choose!

" What to Drink This Christmas: Our Buyers’ Guides

Which wines should be the stars of the festive table this year? Our buyers reveal all in our videos, featuring tips from the best buying team in the business."

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Not had the ‘18 of the Coume Marie but the ‘16 was excellent. It was, for me, the star of the last TWS Languedoc Rousillon tasting. It is on my wish list.

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I’ve had the 2013 and unfortunately for you, I can’t find any notes, how ever I do still have one left … I should probably get drinking :wink:!
As @szaki1974, I do have a somloi kolonics and may get stuck in before the tasting as I have another order coming . The last one I had was excellent with a few years on it …
I’ll let you know if I manage to get through this one over the weekend … (highly likely in isolation :tired_face::wink:!)

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I still haven’t had the new list yet. Got the Christmas and Fine Wine one today…

Put my main order in anyway, but I do like the paper copy to flick through and supplement it with a bit of digging on here. Particularly as the last list wasn’t really a list at all…

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Against my best intentions to avoid more wine purchases (but strangely, with the husband blessing!? :thinking:) have added a case of Marcel’s ‘The Southern French Fancies Collection’ to our November order, which will probably be it for Christmas. Got some wine coming from a local merchant too. Now we can Keep Calm and Think of Boris. Or perhaps not.


You need a good wine if you are going to enjoy it under those conditions!


You need cask strength whisky and no water!


Ordered some port and the Christmas curiosities case. Supposed to be back in stock this week :crossed_fingers:

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A mere £20 per bottle. Fill yer boots time!! :open_mouth: Parker 92/100 Jancis 17/20 :dragon:


Thanks for the heads up Taffy, I’ll reluctantly swerve this time. Fortified stocks at Lewis manors remain high after last year’s frankly weird M&S clearance. Port, sherry and Madeira for 5 or 6 pounds a bottle. Vintage own label stuff too not Ruby.
This Dow one sounds a step up in quality though. There is so much good stuff around at the moment it’s hard to stay disciplined. But no, not buying this time.


I’m the same @Lewis

Picked up 6 of these from M&S last year for a £5er each!!!


My Christmas port will be:

Taylors Fladgate Vintage Port 1994

It is rather good!! :wink: :rofl: :dragon: