Christmas Drinking 2020

I recently lost my hard drive info, and have been endeavouring to replace same.

I had a FREE BOOK on PORT there, which may be useful for Community members.

Click in top right hand corner to download the book. Great reference for free.

Also this time of year, halves of port can be useful, especially with bottle age.
The Taylors Vargellas 1996/98 and the Fonseca Panascal 2001 look like tidy value. :+1: :dragon:


Before Xmas comes Halloween though. :smiling_imp:


I dislike Halloween, but every man to his own.
I don’t like being scared.
I don’t like horror films.
I don’t like big theme park rides, I’ve been on big ones and hated them.
And yes, I do know Halloween had it’s origins in an ancient Celtic Festival, but that does not stop me disliking it!!
I’ll wager that you were not expecting that diatribe!! :open_mouth: :dragon:

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So you will not be watching The Haunting of Hill House / Bly Manor on Netflix then? probably a wise choice :pleading_face::ghost:



I was volunteering for the Samaritans, when the Exorcist was released. The disturbing effect that it had on many cinema goers was reflected by the avalanche of calls that we received. I went to see it, to better empathise with those that it had upset, I found the film upsetting and unpleasant!! :open_mouth:
I got dragged to “Damien Omen 11”, some might say a classic of it’s time, me a vehicle for some for a month of nightmares! :open_mouth:
And then on a long weekend to London with a GF, we went to a Sunday afternoon double header, the first film was from the Monty Python team, the 2nd what I thought was an innocuous offering based on a Daphne du Maurier book, “Don’t Look Now!!” :open_mouth:
The GF began to cry about half the way through the film, and soon after we had to leave.

Some see being frightened as entertainment, and as the years go by the intensity of the horror seems to multiply, in order to fill seats. And Halloween is part of that discussion. No one wants to be the “odd man out,” so I am sure that some children put up with it, not to stand out. But quite what goes on, in their barely formed consciousness’s when the lights go out at night - is anybody’s guess.

Society seems to be getting increasingly desensitised by violence, gore and horror.
Some say, it is only a film!!
I say, try attending a bad road traffic accident or a factory explosion or bodies on the helideck after a ditching and that IS the real world.
Is it any wonder that we see many of our brave soldiers return from combat, police and other emergency services personnel after terrible “incidents” that end up PTSD damaged, unemployable, drug or alcohol addicts or on our streets.

I am a passionate believer in freedom of speech, but we should do better (don’t ask me how) in protecting people from themselves or being much better helping them post exposure.

How was that for a rant?!!? :dragon:


@Taffy-on-Tour completely with you on horror films, they’ve never been my cup of tea - but we diverge when it comes to theme park rides - I love a rollercoaster! :crazy_face:

Maybe we should get back to Christmas Drinking even though it is October? I have lots of good things in Reserves and my drinking will depend entirely on whether I can get back to the UK between now and Christmas to empty my reserves into the back of the car. The Growers Champagne case will definitely feature…

As will these Italian lovelies…

Maybe a little early, but this could be the Turkey wines…


Top class, @Taffy-on-Tour


My Christmas drinking is all organised.
8 mixed cases from reserves due to be delivered at the end of this month.
Taylors Vintage Port 1994 from cellar.
The 2 red Burgundies and the Oncle (recommended by @Toby.Morrhall) and some other odd bottles:-

Job done and maybe not a bad idea to be all sorted before a lockdown or worse, occurs! :dragon:


Back in the 70s as a kid I used to love watching the Hammer House of horror films with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. In hindsight they were really tame :grinning:


Have you seen Hocus Pocus?


No, why should I?
I don’t like that genre of films, if it was a horror.
Was I NOT clear?? :dragon:

I’m with you; I’ve always disliked the whole horror genre; books, films whatever.


If Carlsberg did rants… :clap:



Too kind! :+1: :bowing_man: :dragon:

I believe this festive season shall be one of Cava and Beaujolais.

I’ve gone big on wine the past couple of years (e.g. Piane Boca last year) and while the wine has been delicious, it’s not been fun. If there’s other people around it’ll be Beaujolais in magnums. If it’s just the two of us it’ll be Beaujolais in bottles (or maybe also from magnums).

I do also have the Saint Joseph and Grower Champagne cases that @Alchemist posted, and there’s a chance they make an appearance, depending on whether I’ve moved house or not by then (yes, still!).



I missed a Saint Joseph case!
Can you post so that I can see out of interest?
Mind you, magnums of anything might not be required, more halves given the possibility of a clampdown on friends and family visits due to Covid-19!! :sob: :+1: :dragon:


Might be magnums to drown sorrows! Checking what I have right now magnum wise it’s 2016 Guigal CdR, 2007 Tondonia or BBR Good Ordinary Claret, all of which would make cracking Christmas dinner wines.

@Alchemist posted

from the newly arrived '18 Rhone Whites EP, which I was also lucky enough to bag a case of.


Tying the two together neatly, I’ve also remembered I’ve got a couple of

gathering dust. Now pondering having Lobster for Christmas and smashing through one of them :smiley:


Was that the one at the Rhône tasting earlier this year? Was lovely I seem to remember.


@strawpig @Brocklehurstj That wine is a perfect Christmas lunch wine. It featured in the press tasting I attended and this was my note on the 2016 from the time…

Really should have taken my own advice a bought a bottle for Christmas!! :rofl: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: