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Christmas desserts



I am trying to decide what pudding/ desert to do on Christmas day.
I loathe Christmas pudding so I will not be making that :relaxed:. I have I think, maybe 6 adults and three Children . I’m not too worried about the kids who will probably go off to stuff their faces with selection boxes , but I wondered what everyone else was doing?

There obviously will be a cheese board but I know cheese isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, (Heathens :joy:) so I am looking for the wise recommendations of this community?? Help :wink:


I do something different every year. Most recent ones were Delia Smith’s Buche de Noel; a delicious Chocolate and Chestnut cake (can’t remember whose recipe)- which I serve with brandy cream, and is a fab alternative to a Christmas pudding (which, like you, I can’t stand either), and an Israeli non- bake cake we call ‘The Pyramid Cake’ which is an absolute favourite in this house.

This year I settled on a Delia’s Panatone Bread and Butter pudding - simple but quite decadent (well, it is Delia, after all!)… Happy to post the recipes, if you like…? :slight_smile:


ooooh thanks @Inbar. What is the Pyramid Cake?? Sounds like it could be a visual masterpiece? The Buche de Noel sounds good too so thanks for posting the link.


It’s a cake that is shaped like a pyramid…! And yes, it always looks good - like a giant Toblerone, and tastes divine.

There are a couple constraints, though - as one of the ingredients is from Israel, and I have never found a suitable substitute. It’s a sort of vanilla cream powder, but no custard substitute ever worked. The other is specific Israeli biscuits, but you can buy them in the ‘kosher’ section of Sainsbury’s.

The cake is basically made of biscuits, layered with cream and chocolate and then shaped like a pyramid and topped with a chocolate finish. Easy peasy to make. If you did want to give it a go I can post you that vanilla thingie. Got loads at home!.. :grin: :mailbox:


A bread and butter pudding using Pannetone as @inbar suggests or brioche, buttered and marmalade clad, dusted with Demerara and Christmas spices for crunch.
A chocolate pot laced with brandy in ramekins. (Can be made a few days ahead if necessary).
Pears poached in claret/Port? Could have this with some Stilton.


My favourite dessert at christmas is a good trifle, but sadly my wife doesn’t like them. I’ve also enjoyed a pandorro before, fun to slice it and layer with cream!


In addition to the usual suspects we usually have an incredibly indulgent Nigella panettone cake. It’s creamy, with chocolate, pistachio, pomegranate and maron glace. Absolutely adore it.


Poached in Sauternes 2 years ago… even better with Stilton.


Can’t go past Tiramisu, just back from a fantastic lunch and I had probably the best Tiramisu I have ever had.


It’s good old Christmas pudding for me . We will almost certainly have profiteroles as an alternative.


As a fellow tiramisu fanatic, you’ll have to let me know where that was!


Here you go NickP

Just back from an excellent lunch, meals ranged from scallops, salmon in gin with crab, duck pate, green lentil Salad, cod with smoked haddock risotto, turkey and trimming, fish pie, roasted cauliflower steak with quinoa & barley stew, tiramisu, poached pear, pomegranate & raspberry sorbet. Bottle of Gosset fizz, and a nice Rioja. Highly recommended.


Looks great @japcraw. A bit of a way from me in Kent. Despite a trip booked to Scotland in the New Year we’ll be a bit further north that that


I’ll need to refer to my mother for details, but we used to have something we called a South African Christmas Cake, which was (IIRC) vanilla ice-cream “cake” with a mincemeat centre.

You spread vanilla ice-cream around a large bowl, but leave the centre. Here you spoon in mincemeat then turn over and remove the bowl. There may have been some additional alcoholic ingredient I do not recall, so will check.

The great thing is that you get the lightness and freshness of the ice cream to balance the richness of the mincemeat, but still feels Christmassy

I was trying to find out if this was just us, and came across a similar but different idea:


Like you Leah I hate Christmas pudding. To me there is only one pudding worth having after the meal.

Cold mince pies and Cornish clotted cream. Lots of both.


I had a bag of hula hoops :thinking::thinking::thinking:…I’m not living :grinning:!


@Leah Yes but while I’m in Portugal over Christmas suffering 20c temps :sunglasses: you will be drinking some fantastic wine. Think you will be living well.


lemon tart…


Ice cream with some PX, you would still need to think of something else for the other guests though :smile:


Thanks for all the suggestions… now I’m even more undecided… I’m blaming you lot :tired_face: