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Christmas delivery Hiccup!

Tried to place a Christmas order for delivery near Christmas but was foiled by the current system which only allows deliveries to be ordered a maximum of 30 days in advance.
Advised that this was to encourage early deliveries to avoid a delivery bottleneck near Christmas.
Once again thwarted by TWS policies which force me to shop elsewhere. Why publish a Christmas catalogue in early November but not accept orders for delivery on, say, 20th December until 23rd November? By this time many will have spent their Christmas gift budget.
Do they have a Commercial Director?

Can I suggest you do something radical like wait another couple of weeks before putting your order in?


Or (if you want to secure short-dated stock) place an order for delivery in 4 weeks, then call member services to change the delivery date to whenever you need it.


Have a look on the website. Management details, including contact details easily available. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.


‘They’ are ‘we’.


Is wine arriving early for Christmas really such a big deal?

I’m just curious, surely if you’re prepared to pay for it now(and therefore have the funds), and know what it is you want, and that those wines are available, what significant enough difference would it make to have it arrive a week or two early?

Surely it’s just the same wine, same price, slightly earlier?


It is sometimes possible to push the online delivery slot back after ordering by calling up Member Services (sounds like that might not have been possible in your case).

One other factor you may wish to consider is that many people have experienced the phenomenon of ‘bottle shock’ when drinking wine shortly after delivery. So sometimes it pays to let the wine settle for a few weeks/months before drinking. Not quite sure of the science behind this as once wine has settled and reached ambient temperature, I would have thought it’s good to drink but it doesn’t always seem to work that way.


I was about to order the wine as Christmas gifts for friends and colleagues whilst under lockdown. I found the Society’s deliver policy unhelpful and felt members should be aware.

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Couldn’t such an order be delivered to reserves, then withdrawn in a few weeks?

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Still the most flexible delivery policy of any wine merchant I have dealt with in the UK.


These are strange times. I know someone who already bought a Christmas Tree. Possibly as a result of what’s going on in supermarkets all over the country.

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I’m confused.

WS only has delivery slots for next 30 days. You presumably want the orders to arrive after 11th December.

Why not just wait a week to order. Say if you want the wine to arrive on 20th Dec then place the order 20th November.

You can always do the shopping now and just stick the items in your basket or book mark the pages.

It doesn’t seem like an insurmountable problem and, as others have said, you always have the option of ordering now and then calling Member Services in a few weeks to reschedule the deliveries once the slots are active.

Comprehensive study which suggests that bottle shock is a myth


I empathise here, I’d also like to order some things as gifts, so don’t want them to arrive TOO early, but I’ve been caught out before with low stock. For me, @300DJW, the warning was helpful, I’ll wait for a few weeks and then if there is no stock I’ll just look elsewhere.

Probably only a struggle for gifts, wine ordered for me/Christmas I wouldn’t mind arriving early. Now whether it would last until Christmas… that’s my own struggle :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of this deadline. It may be that the usual Christmas “rush” combined with TWS trying to build up stocks for Brexit makes storage space a bit of an issue too. Perhaps there is a desire to keep sold stocks moving in order to maximise space available for the Brexit reserves.