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Christmas Day lunch

Lunch today roast sirloin - well marbled, and a bottle of Chateau Haut-Bergey 2007.

Please, how would this wine would go with roast goose?


Lots of options here for your perusal…ultimately it’s what works for you…

Goose is a favourite of mine and I like to have a nice off dry Alsace white and an elegant N.Rhone (ideally with some age).


Sadly I don’t think it will go with goose. Not badly, or awful… and the similarity between grass fed goose and lamb bodes well… but there are other wines which might be better ? Save it for Boxing day roast beef or cold cuts.

I’m inclined towards a rather good Italian white “Luigi e Giovanna Orvieto Classico” or the best Beaujolais Cru you can find? (taste a few between now and then - needs cut AND complexity)

OR push the boat out for a Pomerol or high end St Emilion? But what do I know.


Thank you so very much for your kind advice.

Good choices, these.