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Christmas beer



I can’t find it on the website, nor in my history, but wondering if TWS will stock the wonderful Christmas white beer again this year? I think it might have been from Alsace, in a beautiful blue bottle with lovely spice flavours. Anyone remember the name? I loved it!



Could it be this one by any chance, fits the criteria?


Lots of google searching and nothing doing. I wonder if it is/was showroom-only? Maybe @Freddy can shed some light?


Do you perhaps mean ‘Blue Moon’, which is a spiced white Belgian beer…?
I might be totally barking up the wrong tree…


You are, but that’s ok - it has been sold by TWS for a few years at least, and has a very pretty, large bottle with a christmas scene on it. I did have a pic somewhere but can’t find it…


Aha, I finally found an image:

nothing on the site though as far as I can tell.


Ah yes, I remember that now!

Just checked stocks - it looks like it was - as you guessed - a Showroom-only one because stocks are too small to list it online. But the good(?) news is we do have stock in the Showroom again this year, if you’re planning a visit…? :smiley:


Mystery solved! I might have to make a special trip. Or force my dad to do one as he lives closer :smiley:

Thanks for the update!


Sounds like one to try. Cheers for the tip off. :beers:


Not sure I have any specific Christmas beers but I do like the excuse to use by favourite beer glass.


Serendipitously I got a text from my parents saying they were in the showroom on sat, so now have some beire de noel on the way :grin:


Beer for Christmas !!! I shall leave all the Belgium and German stuff to my eldest son ,who gets a case delivered every six weeks.

My stock beer from Wolverhampton ( originally, maybe still is !)
.£1.78 per litre, sold in 500 mils bottles @ Aldi and one or two other supermarkets.
Made by Marstons, it apparently doesn’t have a good name amongst “real beer maniacs” , but it’s meeting of hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness, is just what the doctor ordered. Bargain !!!


Bank’s amber bitter is I think 94p per 500ml in Morrisons - its currently my ‘go to’ beer in the fridge at the moment, nothing too complex but just a well made slightly bitter beer - I dislike all of the fruity craft IPAs around.


Ah… so you tried them all? :wink:


I have tried a fair few of them and tried various styles at a Staff training session to try and pin down the style I liked. I found that I didn’t enjoy any beer that had a fruity character and preferred the darker Porter/Stout/Bitter/English ale beers.


:rofl: Exactly my thoughts too.