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Christmas and New Year drinking thread 2021



Christmas has definitely started here. Campari sodas and G&Ts late afternoon, followed by a glass of Nyetimber with carols from Kings, then this cracker with Chinese takeaway:


Stunning. Could last another 20 years but I haven’t got the patience for that.



Nothing too grand here this evening. We’ve had both some 2020 and 2021 of this

2020 very grassy, 2021 much more tropical fruit.

The recycling bin is nearly full already😯


Christmas for most of us involves seeking out our better bottles. For many that equates to the search for our own grail. And let’s be honest that grail is often pinot shaped. Mine certainly is. So far have had:



Both good, but not life changing. Got Domaine Bruno Clair, Morey-Saint-Denis En La Rue de Vergy 2010 for the goose tomorrow. I know it still won’t be “it” though.

In the late 80s Oddbins opened their first fine wine store and for a few of us that meant “under the counter” DRC Richbourg and yes even La Tache. They were from the supposedly rubbish 1980 vintage, but they were life changing bottles. The search will always go on, but I’m not sure I will get there again.

Ironically enough on a recent visit to London and a new wine shop rocounting the story, the guys in there said how they envied people of “your age” (50s) as we could have tasted the greats.


Number 2 son and future DIL arrived today and so this evening or more accurately this afternoon we opened a GV as an early aperitif. Really very good.

Then with a pasta, meatballs and garlic bread finished off the last 2 bottles of a Chianti Classico. This was very good and I note that the latest vintage is only available in half bottles. This 2016 vintage is gorgeous.


If only I’d had the money…

(I am a decade or so older)


£30 or so as I remember it. Stephen Harris the chef wrote about his experience in Noble Rot.

This is us tonight
What a lovely champagne this is! Loads of flavour, cherry and strawberries, creamy and with good acidity and finish.
Merry Christmas !!


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Incredible levels of concentration for the price (was it about £15ish?), certainly you wouldn’t get that for the same money in Bordeaux. I also think it could still stand a handful of years in the cellar.

If I might venture a slight criticism, it is perhaps a touch ‘porty’, given the southern climes it emanates from, but I suppose that is a matter of personal taste. If you’re looking for a more modern Cabernet, I’d say this is just your ticket.


Just me drinking tonight so I fancied some chocolate, probably needs a couple of years but always a fun wine


Which vintage is the GV? I had a 2019 recently and, while I thought it was very good, it could probably do with a little while yet. I have earmarked a few bottles for the long haul, too.


Well I guessed Cabernet Sauvignon, but suspect there’s quite a proportion of merlot in there. Also nose was so rich and generous I went for New world - California. Wrong!

This is in a lovely place, especially with a chunk of Parmesan; though won’t improve I suspect.


I mean …. It’s pretty comical …… we are sitting waiting for 2 children to fall asleep in a hotel room . Unfortunately we are in two rooms and not one large so one child will need to be moved once asleep … Santa is on the way … I have a g&t , Mr . Leah a bourbon & we are sitting in the dark whispering after a wonderful dinner at the hotel ! Hurry up kids and fall asleep :sleeping:!


We’re polishing this off tonight

Lovely Pinot noir with a bit of a stink to it. Never mind, it’s so lively and energetic that the savouriness just enhances the overall experience. Light on its feet but classy. Yum


Christmas Eve is certainly in full swing - some lovely wine being drunk. And that duck looks stunning, @Robin63.

Here, I cooked a family favourite of paella, and we drank our second bottle of Karavitakis Nomas Assyrtiko, 2019.

(Link is to the 2020, while we drank 2019)

Really good value at £11.95 - citrus, nice salinity, good body, bracing acidity, and a long and zippy finish. A fine accompaniment to the food. We shall be shifting onto port shortly…

Happy Christmas Eve!


Sounds perfect! What a way to spend Christmas @Leah!



It was the 2019 and I think your strategy is right. The winemaker was on a zoom session during lockdown and his advice was to either drink early or leave for 5 to 7 years and let it develop. The suggestion was (although he didn’t say it) it goes a bit dumb in the middle of its window.

I too have split my stash and don’t intend to look at my other 4 bottles again until ‘26 or ‘27


Lucky Father Christmas :smiley:

Unfortunately Mother Christmas got there first and swigged (nearly) the lot. To be fair it was her bottle, left over from the Blandys tasting. I had been hoping for more than a sniff, but too slow off the mark.


Still waiting for our youngest to give in here!……

Ah well

Merry Christmas


Christmas eve was Lithuanian mushroom dumplings made by our daughter-in-law followed by salmon. Wine was 2012 Domaine Weinbach Riesling , 2019 Schloss Lieser Riesling Kabinett and 2013 Tollot Beaut Les Blanches Fleurs. Nine of us Christmas day so we will have smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast with Taittinger, Nyetimber. Dinner roast beef, ham, turkey roll with 2012 and 2014 (grand daughters’ birth years) Domaine de Chevalier, 2014 Felton Road Block 3 and 2010 Mount Edelstone.
Merry Christmas to all from Mrs Bax and me.