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Christmas and New Year drinking thread 2021

Indeed. That’s the name on the back label, but they are obviously an intermediary. There’s no winery with that name.

@PHarvey - thanks, I thought it had been talked about but I couldn’t remember what forum or the winery. I’ve met he owner and tasted his wines. I like Hush Heath and have bought their fizz in the past from M&S and Majestic and currently have some Tesco own label made by Hush Heath.

I’ve just looked at their website and they have fizz with a monochrome Union Flag label, so I do reckon it’s them.

I’m impressed they’ve planted the heritage Champagne varieties Arbanne and Petit Meslier. I’ve had a single varietal Arbane Champagne and it was ethereal.

Balfour make blends with 6 (sparkling) and 7 (still) Champagne varieties.


Like the Cookie Monster look of those dishes. Looks delicious by the way.


@peterm I have dug a little deeper, RGH is a company that was incorporated in 2019, so whatever it may be, in law and in fact it could not have been making any wine before that date. Its accounts state, inter alia, that it sells wine.
It is owned by a Jersey registered company, Highland Jersey limited, which again was only incorporated in 2018, or thereabouts.
The person with significant control of RGH Ltd is one Eric Heerema, who is also a director of Nyetimber international holdings ltd, which is a dormant company.
My view is that Morrisons should perhaps explain to its customers who bought this 2010 wine, why they hold out that RGH is the “manufacturer.”


A quick catch-up on drinking over the new year break (in the Wye valley with my oldest friends).

No real tasting notes taken but the Dumol, Echezeaux and Cartology were the most memorable.


Good detective work, @Andrew1990

The word ‘manufacturer’ on Morrison’s website is, I suspect, a standard term in a template they use, as most of the goods they sell are manufactured.

The back label on the bottle uses the term ‘produced by’, however I think by law the label should state the bottler if not bottled by the winery named on the label. This doesn’t state the bottler or the winery that made it (and matured it for 8 years).

Eric Heerema is also the owner and CEO of Nyetimber winery.

Whoever made the wine, it’s darned impressive and I went to Morrisons yesterday to get more. BUT, it had gone up in price by £7 to £25. So I didn’t.

I’ve noticed it yo-yoing in price several times but there seems no lack of supply, and so I’d give pretty short odds on it being at that lower price again in due course.

But before Purgatory; around Xmas, I did open again a Bouvet-Ladubay Saphir which I got from Majestic at about £15 and know what, it’s a bit nicer than that Morrison’s English 2010 vintage brut.

Heresy undoubtedly , but there you go.


Not at all.

I have said here several times that IMO the three Pinot varieties are not the best for making sparkling wine. I think Chenin is great, especially because it doesn’t need the aging that wines made from the traditional three benefit from. I bought six Bouvet-Ladubay Brut from Majestic a while ago.

But I like to support the English wine industry, and the Morrison one is well aged.


I agree with this sentiment, and the opinion that it’s a decent effort.

Had these two on the weekend, and highly recommend them.

TWS stocked the BdN towards the end of 2019, but I haven’t seen it listed since then. I picked some up on the way back from the New Forest last summer.


We had a bit of a last-minute party this year, due to various Covid-related uncertainties. In the end, I just opened the door of the various fridges and picked up whatever was in front of me. No rhyme or reason.

Somehow, it all worked. The sparkling wines covered a broad spectrum (the Klein Constantia being my perennial favourite and - suprisingly - Laurent Perrier being my least favourite). The Bordeaux reds were a revelation. Ch Montlandrie 2013 and Rauzan-Segla 2007 where the best, in my opinion. Ch Reynon was very promising, even though the one bottle I had was from 2016. Would be interesting to see what happens if you give it more time. The Rothschild wines never disappoint so I knew they were safe bets.