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Christmas and New Year drinking thread 2021

I know it’s early in the day but I thought I would kick this off from high up a mountain in Austria.
This evening I’ll be finishing off this fabulous bottle . Not sure what I’ll be drinking tomorrow just yet but a very Merry Christmas to to you all !

Also, I just tried this ; …… it wasn’t very nice :joy::see_no_evil:


I’ve been release from work since 14:00, a couple of things to do then a bottle of the society’s Chablis will be opened in the next hour or two and finished tonight with Coquilles St Jaques.


Merry Christmas all!


Ooh Schlumberger Sekt - yay. Made in Vienna. A very happy memory of a most generous tasting at their glitzy cellar door there in 2017. ( I thought it was OK in a fun sort of way…)

With great foresight we cycled there from our campsite just outside the city. Vienna is one of the best cities for cycling; dedicated cycle tracks will get you almost anywhere…

Cheers and merry Xmas all; think of the poor NHS workers like me selflessly dedicating the day to the service of others…


Love this estate, such good value:


Dead ringer for a good Cru Bourgeois, always delivers the goods :+1:


Oooh, we were considering opening one of those tonight with Beef Bourguignon, are we saying it’ll cut the mustard as a pairing?


Ooh, I certainly don’t see why not!

Although … I confess that I’m not the best person to ask about food pairings: I’m usually too busy eating to drink wine at the dinner table, so most of this bottle will be consumed before and after the meal, which is why I usually just pick out whatever I fancy…! :clinking_glasses:


This was brought up from the SW by my now retired cousin the agrologist during a lull in lockdowns earlier this year, it came with a couple of other English wines I shall be sampling later.
This is a Bacchus white, almost de rigueur in English vineyards for a white, and the winery does another called Bacchus which is confusing without knowing the difference as there is little price differential.

Low alcohol at 12.5% and a rather delicate wine, nice aromatics of apple, very SB in the mouth but not nearly as rasping as many SBs can be and some floral strains both on the nose and palette, had this with pan fried bream before we get into the heavy stuff over Christmas, just the right acidity and a triumph in this vintage of making a really good wine out of what was previously a workhorse grape, I think it retails for around £15, this vintage was definitely worth the price, and as a comparison was IMHO a better version of the grape than the Winbirri we get round here and is much awarded, and that’s a decent bottle to compare with.


This will be our Xmas eve drinking:

The Sauternes might have been opened yesterday evening, but likely finished tonight in order to open the port tomorrow!


Not early at all! Enjoy!

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As @Alex88 we are also on the Deutz. About to watch carols from Kings.

Happy Christmas to TWS wine family


eerhm… pretty sure their Atlantic Dry isn’t 100% bacchus. I think there’s some Riechenstiener and maybe pinot blanc in there and other contributions. After all, Camel Valley do a “bacchus dry” cuvée separately. I may be wrong…

But agree that this label is pretty good with white flat fish.

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Stay safe @PHarvey and merry Christmas for when you sign off

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Doing a quick quality check before tomorrow! My inexperience extracting old corks showed :roll_eyes: but after some nifty filter paper work I can confirm that this is just lovely. Pale garnet with bricking round the rim to some depth and a nose that I could spend a long time just sitting and sniffing whilst listening to the carols. Cherries, actually grillotines, and some spices with a touch of vanilla - but that description doesn’t do it justice. There is still fruit on the palate and a lovely sweetness with the smooth integrated tannins and the that long finish with liquorice running through.

Thanks to you all for your enjoyable company during 2021 and a very Happy Christmas to everyone!


And we’re away…
Aperitif of 2017 Domaine de l’Oratoire St Martin Cairanne blanc Reserve des Seignurs - very lovely.

Rack of lamb will be the St. Em
Douro is back up if no good. Fingers crossed it won’t be needed.

Edit: Douro not required and back in the rack.
St. Em is glorious. Would not have guessed this is a 16 year old wine. Loads of fruit, tannins, oak and spice. 1 of 2 so will treasure the last bottle.


Going with this for the evenings event….taster soupson was perfect


I looked on cellar tracker for advice about decanting times and with a sinking heart read all the ‘too young’, ‘too dull’ kind of reviews. I imagined myself writing something acerbic about selling boring overpriced claret.

But the Christmas miracle has happened, this is just beautiful. Something dusty and faintly balsamic on the nose, dripping with perfectly ripe blackcurrants on the palate, but layered, clean and interesting. I am so glad I bought this, when I really couldn’t afford it, and so glad I have eleven more bottles to drink. Wines like this tell me why it is important.


After work negroni, now time to get serious


My hazy recollection (it’s a good few years since we visited) is that on his a single vineyard iteration.

This is tonight’s bottle, after a few cocktails during the afternoon. It’s lovely. My kids hated it!


Started the celebrations with roast duck with a cherry glaze. A glass of the Burrier Macon was followed by an excellent Vina Eden Tannat 2017 from Maldonado in Uruguay.

Mid lemon, gold. Medium nose. Lemon, yellow peach, soft vanilla. Medium plus palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Buttery. Lemon, peach. Apple. Medium finish.

Deep red centre, almost opaque. Bright red rim. Medium nose. Black fruit. Black currant, black plum and blackberry. Notes of strawberry. Earthy. Rich palate. Firm tannins. Balanced acidity. Ripe fruit. Dry. Lovely balance between fruit, acidity and tannins. Blackberry. Black plum. Ripe strawberry. Vanilla. Long finish.