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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019

Not, it’s common in all the Champagnes. Rather surprising to see, but I frequently find it so on Champagne that’s been aged.


I am a great fan. I led a visit there for the Commanderie de Bordeaux a Manchester a few years ago and have bought the wines in several vintages.


Well the aged Albariño was very special I am happy to report. Great depth of flavour and a really rich yet fresh taste. Finishing it later on this evening. Our hosts for Christmas Day served Thalabert 2010 with our goose main course and it was very good indeed. This evening we’ll be having some baked ham with Colcannon-ish potatoes using sprout tops from the garden and the baby sprouts that we managed to save from the wildlife. A red Chinon to go with that lot. If we have any room we can finish with mince pies and /or some of the lifetime supply of chocolates - both homemade and others - that we managed to accrue over the last few days. Tomorrow we will exercise!!



This was nice with a slightly bitter note which was lovely with food, perhaps not so with Man U v Newcastle.
Later the St Cosme Gigondas 09 is still too young straight from the bottle.so I left it for tomorrow and opened Mendel Unus 2015 instead. It’s rather lovely a bit claret like but underneath lovely.


Christmas day wines all good with Asda bargain Tattinger NV, Dog Point Chardonnay 2015 and Envinate Lousas 2015.

Later with Forme d’Ambert cheese I over endulged on these and a frankly unnecessary 2002 Royal Palace colheita

After a lovely walk on the beach (much needed to clear the head) we enjoyed leftovers with some Piper-Heidsieck NV (disgourged 2018), and the remainder of the Dog Point and Lousas from yesterday, both holding up well.

Now enjoying Leicester v Liverpool with a refreshing winter bock.

Merry Christmas to all the community.


Well you should.
Not sure what you’re driving at. But merry Christmas.


Yes, I really enjoy Potel’s Wines. For the Village I find 5 to 8 years are when I enjoy them most.

I’m with you on that score - I have absolutely no interest in the concept of the “new year” and associated festivities, and I go to bed at my usual early hour on New Year’s Eve.

However, my wife’s birthday is December 31 so we do have a bottle of sparkling wine that day, but comparatively early.

I am just being silly!


Forts de Latour - check
Vension - check

Me too :slight_smile:
It’s the finish of Forts that gets me, just goes on and on.
I’m with you on the price. They’re way out of my league now, even en primeur which is how I’ve bought all mine.
I’m away from home so can’t say how much I paid nor when it was last affordable! I think I’ve got some 2000, 1, 4&5.


Finishing the left overs tonight and so enjoying a dry white from the Mosel.

A pleasant, light wine: Clear and bright. Yellow, green. Clean nose. Intense. Lemon, lime. Hints of honey and wax. Clean palate. High acidity. Hint of sweetness but dry finish. Citrus. Intense lime. Medium finish. Nice example of dry Riesling from Germany.


Doing a little tasting comparison with the Assmannshäuser Spätburgunder, Künstler 2015 that I opened to go with the Christmas gammon and a Coravin’d glass of the Domaine Tollot-Beaut, Chorey-lès-Beaune 2008.

So, the Spatburgunder has been open, but re-sealed for 48 hours, while the burgundy hasn’t quite had time to breathe yet. The colour is near enough identical on both, which says a lot about the Chorey-lès-Beaune. This is a smoother, slightly ‘grippier’ and perhaps less obviously fruity wine. No real tertiary aromas, but those might develop with time, l guess.

The German PN is more obviously fruity, but there’s plenty of depth to the flavour too. Overall, they are similar prices (£22 vs £25 for the burgundy), but years apart in terms of vintage.
So, if it came to a vote…? It’s the Kunstler for me.


Just arrived in Quistinic, Brittany, for a weeks walking and as much Xmas avoidance as possible. Sorry , grinch that I am! Anyway, third day of Les Haut de Smith 2015 is extremely pleasant and now reaching it’s full expression with a subtle almond infusion of the red fruit that predominates. Upset I have only brought one and that’s just been polished off !


Still with the in-laws. We had some White blend from Somlo (same region as the Kolonics Juhfark stocked by TWS) yesterday. Was unable to find out the varieties, but my guess is that it has some Juhfark and Welchriesling in it. Retails at around £4 here, definitely worth the money. Good acidity, pear drops and no headache next day… Also good match with leftovers from Christmas Day.

Today we had some Bikaver from where I grew up that I brought. Surprisingly, Sagrantino features in the blend. It is detailed on the black label, but you can actually tell on tasting. I think it is the only plot of Sagrantino planted in Hungary and they also bottle it single varietal on occasion (might seek it out). It is actually very good. Note the weird plastic cork (Ardea, the same used by Ponsot), too.


Quaffable, crunchy, rounded, refreshing, fun. Upscale night on the sofa wine. Glad to get it at the EP price and not its current retail price though.


Interesting. Any vintages you particular like?

My father-in-law was gifted a 2004 Langoa Barton which we shared yesterday with rib of English Short Horn from John Murray in Loxwood.

The beef was sensational, as was the wine. At Peak maturity I would suggest holders of this might want to drink it sooner rather than later. Not a big wine but elegant in the way classic Bordeaux can be. Fruit still present, soft tannins. Rich on the nose. Lovely.


We’re currently in rural Kent, on our annual escape to the country, holing up for three nights in a gorgeous little cottage (about 10 minutes’ walk from Hush Heath Winery). Started the evening with a Tasmanian sparkling - Jansz Premium Cuvee NV:

Excellent fizz, with real depth to it. Brioche, honey and hazelnuts on both nose and palate, as well as a touch of white currants and nougat. Nice creamy mouthfeel, with persistent bubbles. Delicious!

For our meal tonight we made Rick Stein’s Chicken stuffed with mushrooms and Comte (from his Secret France series), and I brought this 2016 Yves Cuilleron Marssane to go with it:

This wine exceeded my expectations. For Cuilleron’s entry level Marsanne, there was so much going on on both nose and palate…! Floral notes mingled with spice (ginger), peach, honey and a tingle of minerality. The mouthfeel was creamy, a little leesy/savoury, with ripe peach and apricot, medium acidity and a little saline hint on the finish, which was long. I am now keen to try his entry level Viognier - not sure I can afford his Condrieu… :grinning:

Happy Friday, all! :clinking_glasses:


How much does it retail for now? Could not find on wine searcher.


After drinking the superb Gunderloch 2015 Spatlese on Christmas Day. We had a mock beef pie with the 2001 Musar. Recognisably a mature bottle of Musar, more delicate than others I have had, a great drink for midwinter.

Finished off the same pie with this:

Was on offer for a tenner at Waitrose, and features grapes from what is allegedly the world’s highest vineyard. Lots of guts and colour as you’d expect from an Argentinian Malbec, but with a bit more freshness, a very modern style which hides its 14.5% alcohol well. Young and fruity and certainly worth the sale price (if not quite the £17 it was at originally)