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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019

True! :face_with_monocle: Now that you mention it, the price appears to have increased sneakily. Nevertheless, it continues to be a crowd pleaser with any chocolate oriented dessert. :yum:

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It was sensational. An auction purchase so a bit of a punt but delivered in spades. Weighty, complex. By most measures the wine of the day.

We also drank the mag of Bolly (classic, refined - have two more, will keep for a few years), two bottles of Magnien Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru (intense fruit but also flighty and light, all gone now, sadly), Batailley 2003 (not pictured - resolving, rich), Le Serre Nuove Dell Ornellaia (dense, elegant). Vin de Constance was wonderful, as always. Didn’t get to the port!

Hope everyone has has a super day.


So much cheese

I’ve not been around that much the second half of this year, but still wish you all the happiest of Christmases. Xoxo


Lovely Christmas Day: family brought a few bottles of the M&S Delacourt medium dry (Sec) which was an excellent aperitif. Onto the David & nadia grenache which was superb with the turkey and my only regret was not backing it with a longer decant as it got more and more expressive through the afternoon and may be longer lived than I thought. Suduiraut 07 was good with pudding but better with cheese. All consumed with love and laughter which is what matters the most. Merry Christmas all.


Merry Christmas everyone.

Started with Moet and then Mumm Champagne followed by the Saint Romain with soup and then Salmon. Tried a couple of reds with the Turkey - the Au Bon Climat was the winner. Finished off with the Ice Wine for pudding .

Going to have a turkey sandwich now with a bottle of beer!!


Just found the bottom of this one, nighty-night. Happy Christmas!


Unfortunately my Batailley 2012 was slightly corked not undrinkable but very flat and the cork had a slight musty smell to it. Bit disappointing but you win some you lose some I suppose


Oh no, how disappointing. Did you have a backup?

Yesterday at family we had Chevillon Nuit St George vv 2013
Lovely at the moment. Beautiful fruit, very little tannin just right. My brother in laws Torres Rioja Reserva 2012 provided a very able contrast with big tobacco laced dark fruit.


Looks like some wonderful wines were drunk yesterday, and great celebrations.

With our fillet of doe venison, I opened a bottle that I was given as a Christmas present a few years ago - Les Forts de Latour 2004.

Still impressively dark and intense in colour, and a great concentration of cassis, liquorice, leather, with very well integrated tannins. Certainly an excellent wine, and perfect with the vension. But having said all that, I was somewhat shocked when I looked up exactly how much it costs. I’m sure I remember that these second wines used to be a more manageable price - £40 or so. I enjoyed it very much, but I don’t see how you can justify the current cost of getting on for £200 on the table. Buy the Ulysse Pauillac instead!

With dessert, a stunner of an SGN from Ernest Burn - Clos St Imer gewurztraminer 2006.

It really is that colour - no photographic tricks. The flavours match - layers of passion fruit, pineapple, guava and apricots; intensely sweet, but also with the acidity to hold it in check. A real contemplation wine, and not one to drink all at once.

Happy Boxing Day!


Home for Christmas but managed to bring a few bottles back with me.

However, we went traditional yesterday with Chablis, Cotes de Nuit and a sweet wine from Chateau de Cabidos.

My notes were:
Chablis: Clean. Light yellow, gold. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Lemon, flint, gun powder. Medium palate. High acidity. Lemons. Green apples. Medium finish. Typical Chablis even after five years in bottle but without the intensity of nose and palate of others. Refreshing and perfect with smoked salmon.

Cote de Nuit: Clean. Light red. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Red fruit, summer fruit. Fresh palate. Medium acidity. Smooth, red fruit. Earthy notes. Rounded and balanced. Lovely wine - light but great fruit. Was lovely with turkey.

Cabildos: Clean. Medium gold. Clean, intense nose. Honey, lemon, orange. Hints of beeswax. Clean palate. High acidity cutting through intense sweetness. Intense honey and oranges. Toffee and marmalade. Still youthful. Delicious sweet wine that matched blue cheese perfectly.


Great to hear about the CNDV - I have the 2016 and it has occurred to me that it might be a good turkey wine in a few years.

Oh, shucks. I bought 6 EP from TWS and have 5 in my Eurocave….

I opened a Bollinger NV yesterday which I’ve probably had for about a year. Quite hard work to remove the cork but what then surprised me was that it was quite easy to put the cork back in. I don’t think I’ve been able to do that with a champagne cork before. I don’t know if the narrow neck has any significance; the cork just didn’t expand as they usually do. Is this a Bollinger thing?

The champagne itself was fine by the way so nothing to do with that.

Not on the red front as we are at my parents. Main disappointment was not getting a fair crack at it because I have 6 bottles in reserves at another merchant.

Christmas is 2019 but New year drinking is 2020 surely!

I think you meant to post that comment on Private Eye’s Pedantry Corner, surely :wink::partying_face:


Is it when you pop the cork or drink the wine!
Anyhow must corks are popped before the midnight hour.


For Christmas Day:

Started with Nyetimber NV

Then for white:

Needed a bit of air, but subtle and smooth white burgundy

Then for the red, this:

Really drinking very well. Double decanted and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Thank you, I am indeed. That’s also a good TN.

Are you a fan of Sociando Mallet? I find it to deliver well over its price point. I am a big fan of the unheralded 2007.

We didn’t get to it this time around but I am keen to try. Have others already booked for NYE so probably won’t get to it until Feb/Mar or evening April now…