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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019

Really enjoyed the 2010 Ampelia. Had last bottle of 6 earlier this year and was still going strong

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Great to see the Society stocks Lismore wines. They recently suffered a major tragedy where they they lost everything in a fire. You can read more about it here and here. But every time you buy one of their bottles you are helping them to fund rebuilding this great winery.


I have a '12 so not expecting it to be as good as your '10 or @Herbster’s '15 but looking forward to it nonetheless. It’s made by Francois Despagne family of Château Grand Corbin Despagne, one of my favourite St Emilions.


Started on the Christmas wines last night with these:

Second bottle drunk of the mortet and still showing very nicely. The 30-yr old Tawney was delightful and very easy drinking, and shouldn’t imagine the bottle will last too many more evenings!


Out for dinner with friends for a birthday celebration. Just a local pub, but very happy with the menu and wine list.


Very restrained so far…just two small glasses of this last night.

which was excellent as usual.

Had one glass of my cooking red (JP Chenet’s finest) with shepherd’s pie last night, and I believe @Herbster’s note on this from a while back will suffice…I think it was more complimentary than the Yellow Tail one.

18 year old Orkney lined up for a dram tonight, still haven’t decided what wines for tomorrow…will need to crack on with that now. Happy Christmas all!


Last night was squid ink night. Squid, ink, garlic, tomato and onions with a seaweed linguine… Venezia in a bowl.
However, you may know, not unlike Venice, of that sinking feeling where your mind recollects the presence of a wine but your wine rack disagrees? That was my Côte Rotie part of my brain last night. Vague recollections of Rugby World Cup semifinal weekend celebrations came back when I saw the empty slot in the rack. The rest were in a cellar far, far away… aaarrrggghhhh.
Fortunately a silky 2011 St Joseph Reflet made by Domaine Villard called from a nearby place saying “I’ll pair with that squid for you.” And it did.
I would recommend the match, even if a previous match deprived me of my first team pick.


Careful Santa, that sleigh won’t drive itself you know…


Ah yes, I remember that was not half bad. I think it was the malbec I had :+1:


Ready for the big day tomorrow.

Will be followed by Vin de Constance 2012 and Fonseca 1985.

Hope everyone has a super Christmas with delicious food and wine!


Tomorrow’s shortlist:

Probably the Fourrier with the Chambolle as backup. The Volnay earmarked for New Years Eve.


We normally go with a New World Chardonnay and pinot noir for the meal itself. Likely to be Dog Point 2015 chardonnay. All out of NW pinot so in a similar vein my thoughts are to go down a Mencia route - 2015 Lousas from the brilliant Envinate. Have Tattinger NV for morning/aperitif. The rest of the days will be some choice bottles that have just been waiting for a good excuse to open. And some winter bocks and Belgian Christmas strong ales for the evenings


After much thought I have decided on these wines for Christmas Day for four of us.
Aperitif with nibbles
Champagne Lanson Black Label Brut NV (this was disgorged 6/16 and I’ve cellared it since I bought it in 2016)
Main Course - Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast parsnip and potatoes, brussels sprouts (which we all love), carrots, cauliflower
Jim Barry ‘McRae Wood’ Clare Valley Shiraz 2012
St Hallett ‘Old Block’ Barossa Shiraz 1993
Dessert - Individual Christmas Puddings or Lemon Tart, custard or ice cream
Pillitteri Icewine Vidal 2016, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake

to follow (if anyone has the appetite), with Trivial Pursuit James Bond 007 question pack, mince pies
Henriques & Henriques Madeira Malmsey 10 Years Old NV


Good forward planning regarding the Lanson. They take a lot of time before the bracing acidity recedes.


That must be one of the greatest trios put together.


These for lunch with cottage pie at my mum and dad’s today.

Both delicious in their own right and stood up to the cottage pie very nicely indeed.


Lovely line up there Peter. Have a lovely day, meal, wine, snooze etc​:slightly_smiling_face::yum:

We are lunching with friends tomorrow. Our task is to provide canapés and champagne. I’ve made some home cured gravlax, the blini batter is festering in the airing cupboard and two bottles of Louis Delaunay 2012 vintage champagne hilling in the fridge
Also taking along some homemade quince jelly for the cheeseboard and some homemade rum butter as a gift to the hosts. We haven’t yet decided whether to cycle or walk! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone :champagne::christmas_tree::wine_glass::santa:t2:


Had a simple vegetarian casserole with this for lunch. It’s a fine boned style of pinot noir. Lots of concentration and the oak is well judged.

Tonight we are sharing this with some salmon:

Perhaps a sneaky glass of this before bed…


Harvey’s Signature 12 y/o Cream Sherry


Salmon, turkey & trimmings and Pud / trifle. Nothing outside the norm. Veg and turkey all prepared this evening (over a bottle of The Society’s Gavi), to be lobbed at the oven tomorrow morning.